How to Dress Like Mary Poppins

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Stand-Up Collar Lotus Ruffle Shirts Blouse
Fitted Dip Hem Peplum Style Blazer
Silk White Gerbera Daisy Flower Heads
Classic Manhattan Fedora Hat
Red Bow Tie
Mary Poppins Parrot Umbrella
Pleated Ankle Length Maxi Skirt
Hatch Cotton Parade Glove w/Snap Back
Mary Poppins Carpet Bag
Women's Victorian-120 Boot

Best Mary Poppins Costume Guide

Get in costume as the lovable nanny played by Julie Andrews from the Walt Disney movie, Mary Poppins. The magical and caring woman floats in to answer the advertisement to nanny the Banks children with a carpetbag of endless tricks. Before flying off into the wind, Mary Poppins makes the Banks house a happier place. Get the cosplay look of the kind nanny with a Stand-Up Collar Lotus Ruffle Shirts Blouse, Pleated Ankle Length Maxi Skirt, Fitted Dip Hem Peplum Style Blazer, Women’s Victorian-120 Boot, and Red Bow Tie. Add some “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” accessories like Andrews with a Mary Poppins Parrot Umbrella, Classic Manhattan Fedora Hat, Silk White Gerbera Daisy Flower Heads, and a pair of Hatch Cotton Parade Gloves.

Mary Poppins Cosplay Costumes

There’s almost no other character more beloved than Mary Poppins from the Disney movie starring Julie Andrews. If you have children, this would actually be a wonderful costume to cosplay with them if they dressed up like the Banks children! This character happens to be quirky and lovable and it’s sure to be a hit wherever you decide to wear this costume too. Mary Poppins has a quite unique look that’s quite memorable which includes a ruffled white shirt with a red bow-tie under a black blazer, a fedora hat which you can stick a little daisy in and a long black maxi skirt with black boots and gloves. But this character wouldn’t be the signature Mary Poppins if you didn’t include her trademark umbrella and seemingly endless purse. While you may look like her with just the clothing, these two signature items will really pull off the look and have you quoting lines from the movie in no time at all. Before you start any of that though, don’t forget to look at our featured photos to help you get a few ideas on how to really pull off the look of Mary Poppins! We’d love to see a few photos of your cosplay as well as we want to see what you come up with!

Mary Poppins Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the magical world of Mary Poppins with our enchanting costume guide FAQ. This guide is designed to help you perfectly capture the elegant and whimsical appearance of the beloved nanny, as famously portrayed in the film and book series. Get ready to charm and delight as you embody Mary Poppins’ unique blend of sophistication and mystery.

Mary Poppins' classic costume includes a white blouse with ruffled detailing, a navy blue skirt, a red bow tie, and a matching navy blue jacket with red accents. The outfit is completed with a black hat adorned with flowers and a pair of black heeled boots. Don’t forget her iconic parrot head umbrella and a carpet bag.

To recreate Mary Poppins' hat, start with a basic black straw hat or a boater hat. Decorate it with artificial daisies and other small flowers, along with a bit of ribbon. The key is to make it look whimsical yet elegant, just like Mary Poppins herself.

For the umbrella, use a long black umbrella with a parrot-shaped handle. If you can’t find one with a parrot handle, you can create a DIY version using clay or other materials. The carpet bag can be any large, vintage-style bag with a floral or ornate pattern, resembling the magical bag Mary Poppins carries.

Mary Poppins has a very neat and refined look. Style your hair in a bun or a similar updo and use a minimalist makeup approach, focusing on a rosy cheek and a red lip to match her bow tie. A touch of elegance in your makeup and hair styling is key to achieving her look.

Certainly! Adding quotes from Mary Poppins will bring your cosplay to life. Here are some memorable ones: "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!," "Practically perfect in every way.," "In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun.," "A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down." and "There's nowhere to go but up!" These quotes reflect Mary Poppins' magical and optimistic view of life, her unique way of handling challenges, and her whimsical approach to everyday tasks.

About Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins is an English Nanny who comes in from the East Wind to teach the Banks children a few vulnerable lessons. She’s a remarkable character with a few quirks to her that really make you love her. While she may be stern at times, she comes from a good place and does it with care to help out the children. She wishes to teach them lessons that they can live with and in order to do that, she needs to be a bit strict at times. She’s a younger woman with grace and elegance and she takes her job of being a nanny quite seriously. There’s something magical about Mary Poppins though that causes the character to linger in someone’s mind long after they watched the movie. There’s a reason this movie is a Disney classic after all; you can’t just watch it once but rather time and time again.

Mary Poppins

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