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Best Mario Costume Guide

Mario is the short, pudgy, Italian plumber who is the older brother of Luigi. He is the face of the Super Mario Bros. franchise and often regarded as the mascot of Nintendo. Dress up like the most popular video game character with a Mario Hat And Mustache Kit, Super Mario Brothers Deluxe Gloves, Red Long-Sleeve T-Shirt, High Back Bib Overalls, and USA Sergeants Verdict Men’s Boots. Take the look of Mario’s overalls to the next level by adding Yellow Flatback Resin Buttons.

Mario Cosplay Costumes

Almost everyone nowadays knows who this jolly Italian plumber happens to be. He was in a multitude of video games but the ones you probably most likely remember him from are Mario 64 or Mario Kart. Mario is a great costume to dress up as alongside a friend or two. You could have someone cosplay alongside you as Luigi or Princess Peach! If you’re ready to start squashing some mushrooms, here are a few things you’ll need in order to get his look down pat.

First, you’ll need a Mario Hat and mustache kit, a red long sleeve shirt, high back overalls, a pair of yellow buttons to stick onto your overalls, a pair of Super Mario Brothers gloves and finally a pair of brown boots to round together the whole look. Don’t hesitate to send us a few photos of your costume if you’re proud of it; we’d love to see what you come up with.

Mario Costume Tips & FAQs

Transform into the world’s most famous plumber with our Mario costume guide FAQ, inspired by the beloved character from the Super Mario series. This guide is designed to help you recreate Mario’s classic look, perfect for fans looking to embody the adventurous and heroic spirit of the iconic video game character.

Mario's outfit is instantly recognizable and relatively simple to put together. Key components include a red long-sleeve shirt and blue overalls with yellow buttons. He wears a red cap with a white circle and a red "M" in the center. Complete the look with white gloves, a fake black mustache, and brown work boots. Don’t forget his round belly, which adds to his jovial character.

Mario's red cap is iconic. You can either buy a replica or use a plain red baseball cap and add the white circle and red "M" using fabric or felt. The cap should fit snugly and be a bright, vibrant red.

Mario wears sturdy brown work boots. Any brown leather or faux leather boots with a simple design will work. For accessories, white gloves are essential, as is a large, bushy, fake black mustache, which is one of Mario's defining features.

To add authenticity to your Mario costume, consider padding around the midsection to create his round belly. This can be done with a pillow or cushioning material under the overalls. Additionally, embodying Mario's cheerful and upbeat demeanor will enhance the character portrayal.

Including Mario's famous phrases can make your costume portrayal more engaging. Some iconic Mario quotes include: "It's-a me, Mario!," "Let's-a go!," "Mamma mia!," "Here we go!" and "Wahoo!" These quotes capture Mario's enthusiastic and adventurous personality, making him a beloved character in video game history.

About Mario

Mario happens to be known as Nintendo’s mascot so if you’re a fan of the company, don’t be surprised if you see him everywhere. While he may be dressed as a plumber, he hardly does any plumbing work and actually protects his friends and saves the world. Mario got his first hit in the 1981 video game, Donkey Kong where he had to save the princess from Donkey Kong himself.

Mario doesn’t tend to have a very stand out personality especially when you compare him to the others that reside around him. He’s mostly known for being your standard hero and he has appeared in a multitude of games since the early 80’s. One character that always seems to be by his side in the games is his younger brother, Luigi, who you may have played as if you were prone to getting the second controller a lot as a child.


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