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Marge Simpson Costume Guide
Strapless Green Maxi Dress
Marge Simpson Adult Blue Wig
TAG Yellow Face Paints
Red Pointed Toe Comfort Flat
Round Beads Red Necklace
Yellow 2nd Skin Supersuit

Best Marge Simpson Costume Guide

On popular the TV show The Simpsons, Marge is the patient mother recognized by her blue beehive hairstyle. With her husband Homer, she has three children: Bart, Lisa, and Maggie. Marge is the moral and grounding voice of the family in an attempt to maintain order within the house. Get the look of the The Simpsons star, Marge Simpson, with an Adult Blue Wig, Yellow 2nd Skin Supersuit, TAG Yellow Face Paints, Strapless Green Maxi Dress, Round Beads Red Necklace, and a pair of Red Pointed Toe Comfort Flat. With this costume, you will be ready to head to Springfield.

Marge Simpson Cosplay Costumes

Married to Homer Simpson and the mother of Bart, Lisa and Maggie Simpson, Marge has her hands full with watching over all members of her family. Marge is quite patient at times and she’s used to being the one who tries to keep order in the household. If you’d like to go as Marge for a group cosplay, it’d be easy to do so if you find others willing to dress up as various members of the family. Whatever you come up with for your costume, we’d love to see it and feature it on our website for others to draw inspiration from!

If you want to replicate the look of Marge, you’ll need a few key things first. First, you’ll need a green strapless dress and her Marge’s signature blue hair which you can find a wig of online. You’ll then need yellow face paint, red flats, a red beaded necklace and a yellow skin super suit.

About Marge Simpson

Marge is the voice of the household and tries to keep some order to her home especially when things get rowdy. She’s usually portrayed as the stereotypical mom you see on all television shows and she even made a spot on a list of top Tv moms. Marge’s key trait is her big blue beehive which was actually inspired partly by the bride’s hair in Bride of Frankenstein.

Marge has two sisters, Patty and Selma who usually voice their negative opinions on Homer. Marge started dating Homer a bit after her last year in high school after realizing what he meant to her after a prom incident where she took the wrong man. After a few years of dating, she eventually became pregnant with Bart and their family took off from there.

Marge is usually nonworking in the majority of the series preferring to be a homemaker but she does take on a few odd jobs in a couple of different episodes.

Marge Simpson

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