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Dedsec Snapback Cap and Mask
Marcus Holloway Jacket
Mens Dedsec Logo Shirt
Panasonic Earbuds
Mens Straight Jeans
Messenger Bag
Airsoft Pistol
Wayfarer Sunglasses
Vans Skate Shoe

Best Marcus Holloway Costume Guide

Watch Dogs 2 is a popular video game that was released in late 2016, but just because it’s new doesn’t mean we haven’t already found our new favorite character—Marcus Holloway! He’s unstoppable in combat due to his intelligence. Marcus is unlike many other video game characters because he’s a normal guy that got stuck in the wrong situation, but now he’s been recruited for his special stealth skills!

Marcus does all of his online code cracking in a Dedsec Snapback Cap and Mask, his typical Marcus Holloway Jacket, a Men’s Dedsec Logo Shirt, Men’s Straight Jeans, and Vans Skate Shoes. Add his essential accessories with a pair of Panasonic Earbuds, Messenger Bag, Wayfarer Sunglasses, and an Airsoft Pistol.

Marcus Holloway Cosplay Costumes

Video game characters are always a popular choice for cosplay! The great thing about Marcus Holloway’s character costume is that you probably have more of his outfit already in your closet than you think. We have a guide with all the pieces you need to easily recreate Holloway’s entire costume for your next cosplay convention!

To get Marcus Holloway’s look you’ll need a DedSec baseball style cap and matching mask. Throw on a pair of sunglasses and you’re well on your way! Next, you’ll want to wear a DedSec shirt because Holloway is always sporting their merchandise. A faux leather zip-up jacket, a pair of men’s straight leg jeans, and tan sneakers or work boots will give you the same look as Holloway’s. He always has his accessories nearby, so you’ll need to add a pair of earbuds, an airsoft pistol, and a DedSec messenger bag! Take a look at other’s who have recreated Marcus Holloway’s look! Send us a picture of your cosplay too!

Marcus Holloway Costume Tips & FAQs

Dive into the high-tech world of hacking and activism with our costume guide for Marcus Holloway, the resourceful and skilled protagonist from the video game “Watch Dogs 2.” Known for his hacker skills, stylish urban attire, and charismatic personality, Marcus’s look is both contemporary and iconic, making it perfect for cosplay enthusiasts, gamers, and fans of the action-adventure genre. This guide will help you recreate Marcus Holloway’s distinctive style, embodying his blend of tech-savvy and street-smart fashion.

Marcus Holloway's outfit is a mix of urban and hacker-inspired elements. Key components include a black graphic t-shirt, a blue denim or bomber jacket with DedSec (the hacker group) insignia, baggy dark jeans or cargo pants, and black and white high-top sneakers. Marcus often wears a black ball cap and a signature paisley print bandana across his face. His look is completed with a messenger bag, which he uses to carry his hacking equipment.

Marcus has short, naturally textured hair. To achieve his hairstyle, keep your hair short and neatly groomed. If your hair texture is different, consider a closely cropped haircut or using a short, textured wig to emulate his look.

Marcus wears black and white high-top sneakers that are both stylish and practical for his activities. Choose sneakers that are comfortable for movement, preferably in a high-top style that matches his urban hacker aesthetic.

Key accessories for a Marcus Holloway costume include his black ball cap, often worn backwards, and a paisley print bandana to cover the lower half of his face. Additionally, carrying a messenger bag with tech-inspired patches or DedSec insignia will add to the authenticity of his hacker persona. Consider adding gadgets like a smartphone or a prop hacking device to complete the look.

Marcus Holloway is known for his witty and clever lines, as well as his hacker skills. Here are some ideas for quotes and actions: "I'm a lover, not a fighter.," "This is the new normal, people." and "I'm just a misfit with a taste for destruction." These quotes and actions capture Marcus's personality as a skilled hacker and his role as a member of the DedSec team, making them great for enhancing your portrayal of this character.

About Marcus Holloway

Marcus Holloway was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He’s an intelligent guy especially when it comes to computers and technology. He was accused of a high tech robbery, but he wasn’t the one who initiated the crime. He got away with a low charge, but the misunderstanding led him to a life of hacking data systems of the company who got him in trouble. Later in Marcus’s life, it was brought to the attention of DedSec that Marcus could be highly beneficial to their internet business. So, they gave him a test that he blew out of the water. They asked Marcus to join DedSec immediately which he obliged to.

Marcus works for DedSec to help find CTOS 2.0 and put a stop to the people who want to use CTOS 2.0 for their own benefit. Marcus is extremely talented when it comes to hacking systems and building weaponry. Marcus is not only intelligent, but he is athletically inclined and has a knack for fighting in combat. No one is going to get in the way of Marcus Holloway!

Marcus Holloway

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