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Best Marco Diaz Costume Guide

Marco Diaz is a fictional character from the Disney XD animated series Star vs. the Forces of Evil. When the title character, Star Butterfly is sent to Earth to learn how to use her magic powers, she lives with the Diaz family and ends up becoming Marco’s best friend. As one of the main characters in the show, Marco is shown as an intelligent, kind boy who likes to have everything in order. He is very cautious, so the last thing he expected was to have his life turned upside-down by a magical space princess, but he warms to Star quickly.

Marco often protests that he is not ‘safe’ at all, rather is a misunderstood bad boy. However, this is really just a mask to cover his lack of confidence. If you want to get the look of Star Butterfly’s best friend on Earth, Marco Diaz, it’s easy! Just get yourself a Red Hoodie, Gray T-Shirt, Black Jeans, and a pair of High Top Converse.

Marco Diaz Cosplay Costumes

Marco Diaz is characterized as an overly cautious, organized boy who likes having all his toys in a particular order. He quickly learns to start having fun though, so there’s hope for all of us yet. Cosplay is all about experiencing the life of a fictional character for a while and embracing a fantasy world, just like Marco had to when he realized his new friend was a magical princess from space.

While he is mainly friends with Star Butterfly in the show, he does have a crush on another girl named Jackie Lynn Thomas. His best buddies at school are Alfonzo and Ferguson, so there’s plenty of combination costumes you could work on with friends if you all want to get together and cosplay characters from Star vs. the Forces of Evil for your next event.

Marco Diaz Costume Tips & FAQs

Embark on an adventurous journey with our costume guide FAQ for Marco Diaz from “Star vs. the Forces of Evil.” Dive into the details of recreating the look of this beloved character as we answer your most common questions about crafting his distinctive and relatable style.

Marco Diaz's outfit is casual yet iconic, reflecting his practical and down-to-earth personality. Essential elements include a red hoodie with a front pocket, dark grey jeans, and olive-green sneakers. To capture Marco's everyday look, choose a plain red hoodie without any logos or designs, and ensure the jeans are a straight or slim fit for accuracy.

Marco Diaz sports a short, neat hairstyle with slightly longer hair at the top and shorter sides. His hair is typically dark brown. For facial features, Marco has thick eyebrows and a youthful, friendly face. Depending on your natural hair, you may opt for a wig or style your hair with gel to achieve his look. Minimal makeup is needed, just enough to create a clean, fresh-faced appearance.

Marco Diaz's costume is quite straightforward, but you can enhance it with a few key accessories. Consider adding a green backpack, which he often carries. If you're aiming to recreate a specific episode's look, you might include props relevant to that storyline. However, the simplicity of Marco's attire is part of his charm, so there's no need to over-accessorize.

To accurately portray Marco Diaz, adopt a confident yet friendly demeanor. He is known for his martial arts skills, so action poses or martial arts stances can add an exciting element to your costume. Marco is also characterized by his determination and often shows a focused or thoughtful expression.

Including quotes from Marco Diaz can add depth to your portrayal. Some memorable lines include: "I'm a misunderstood bad boy!," "I've got a little warning for you from the future: just because things are changing, doesn't mean they won't turn out okay.," "I'm not a squire. I'm a Diaz.," "You can't just mope around in your sweatpants all day!" and "Karate is about discipline, and about being prepared!." These quotes reflect Marco's adventurous spirit, his blend of self-assuredness and vulnerability, and his commitment to martial arts and friendship.

About Marco Diaz

Marco Diaz is one of the main characters in Disney XD’s popular kids show Star vs. the Forces of Evil, where Adam McArthur voices him. He is a human boy who lives with his parents Rafael and Angie Diaz, and his younger brother who is oddly named Marco Jr. Everything is fine in his organized life – he gets good grades and thinks everything through carefully (although this often leads to him being teased for being too safe and avoiding danger).

Everything changes for Marco though when Star Butterfly is sent to live with his family on earth. He is initially bothered by the fact she has magical powers and is always dragging him into dangerous adventures. However, he quickly comes to think of Star as his best friend and admits he needed some adventure in his life. Despite this, he still struggles with self-confidence and doesn’t like ALL of the magical things Star has brought into his life, such as Pony Head and Monster Arm which takes him a while to get used to.

Marco Diaz

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