How to Dress Like Marcie

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Round Glasses
Black Bob Wig
Math Book
Orange Shirt
Orange Ankle Socks
White Casual Shoes
Dickies Dark Navy Shorts

Best Marcie Costume Guide

Marcie is a popular cartoon character from the beloved Peanuts comic strip created by Charles M. Schulz. She is a friend of Peppermint Patty and like her, Marcie has a crush on the main character, Charlie Brown. She is recognized by her distinctive glasses that hide her eyes and a black bob hairstyle. She has a good natured personality. Even though highly intelligent, she is probably the most naive of the Peanuts gang. Dress up like the intelligent Peanuts character with the Marcie costume guide.

To dress up like Marcie, you should put on a Black Bob Wig to match your style like Marcie. Next, grab a pair of her signature Round Glasses. After that, wear an Orange Shirt and Dickies Dark Navy Shorts, Orange Ankle Socks, and White Casual Shoes to complete this simple outfit. Finally, don’t forget to always have your Math Book on hand!

Marcie Cosplay Costumes

Marcie is a sweet and pure hearted character that’s a part of the Peanuts gang. Even though highly intelligent in terms of academics, she struggles in social situations and fails to understand what people are really thinking. But she has great friends whom she can count on. That’s why you shouldn’t cosplay Marcie alone.

Gather your friends and together, create the ultimate Peanuts cosplay. Your friends can dress up as their favorite characters from the comic. Characters like Peppermint Patty, Linus Van Pelt, Snoopy, and of course, Charlie Brown himself all make perfect choices. Costume Wall is full of costume guides of even more characters. Don’t forget to submit a picture of Marcie’s cosplay for us to post in the gallery!

Marcie Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the smart and understated world of Marcie from Charles M. Schulz’s “Peanuts” comic strip with our insightful costume guide FAQ. Marcie, known for her intelligence, soft-spoken nature, and characteristic glasses, is a beloved character who stands out for her simplicity and unique personality. This section will help you recreate Marcie’s look, focusing on her iconic outfit and accessories, perfect for fans seeking to embody her distinctive charm and wit.

Marcie's costume is notable for its simplicity and classic look. Key elements include a plain orange or rust-colored dress or a shirt and skirt combo that mimics a dress. Her most defining accessory is a pair of large, round, black-framed glasses, as she's rarely seen without them. Simple black shoes or flats complete the outfit. Marcie's style is modest and unassuming, reflecting her practical and intelligent character.

Marcie's hair is short, straight, and dark, usually styled in a simple bob cut. A short, dark wig or styling your own hair in a similar fashion will work well. For makeup, keep it minimal to maintain Marcie's natural and unpretentious look. A light foundation and a subtle lip color should suffice.

Marcie's dress, or shirt and skirt combination, is typically depicted in a solid orange or rust color. The style is straightforward with no patterns or embellishments, reflecting her no-nonsense personality. If opting for a shirt and skirt combo, choose a plain orange blouse and a matching skirt that gives the appearance of a one-piece dress.

Marcie's glasses are one of her most defining features. Look for a pair of large, round glasses with black frames. The glasses should be noticeably oversized in relation to the face, as they are a key element of her character's appearance.

Marcie is known for her polite demeanor, intelligence, and occasional obliviousness to social cues. Some memorable lines that capture her essence include: "Yes, sir, that's my baby!," "I've discovered that I always seem to have more fun when I'm not supposed to be having it.," "What I need is a 'Beginning of Summer' party to cheer me up.," "Face it, sir. We're doomed.," Incorporating these quotes and showcasing Marcie's respectful but straightforward manner, often addressing her friends as "sir" or "ma'am," will make your portrayal more authentic.

About Marcie

Marcie first appeared in the Peanuts comic strips in July 1971. Due to her popularity, she soon began regular appearances sitting behind Peppermint Patty in class, whom she developed a strong friendship. Marcie is a total bookworm. Due to pressure from her parents, she always gets excellent grades and is a model student. She always has a book in her hand and prefers peaceful and quiet activities.

But on the other side of things, she is socially inept and doesn’t know how to deal with people. It’s apparent that she has difficulty analyzing different situations. She’s not the best at sports either. Yet, she has a kind heart and is extremely good natured. She has a crush on Charlie Brown and often kisses him on the cheek. While her friend Peppermint Patty prefers to play mind games, Marcie directly conveys her feelings to Charlie Brown, stating very plainly that she likes him.


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