How to Dress Like Marceline

Fashion Tank Top
Long Straight Hair Wig
Levi's Women's 524 Skinny Jean
Manic Panic Goth White Cream/Powder Foundation
Realistic Deluxe Custom Fangs
Cowboy Knee High Boots
Marceline's Axe Bass Guitar
  1. Fashion Tank Top Check Price
  2. Long Straight Hair Wig Check Price
  3. Levi's Women's 524 Skinny Jean Check Price
  4. Manic Panic Goth White Cream/Powder Foundation Check Price
  5. Realistic Deluxe Custom Fangs Check Price
  6. Cowboy Knee High Boots Check Price
  7. Marceline's Axe Bass Guitar Check Price

Best Marceline Costume Guide

Marceline the Vampire Queen is a half-demon/half-human from the Adventure Time animated TV show on Cartoon Network. Dress up just like your male vampire counterpart, Marshall Lee. Though over 1003 years old, you can have the Marceline’s cosplay style with Long Straight Hair Wig, Fashion Tank Top, Levi’s Women’s 524 Skinny Jean, and Cowboy Knee High Boots. Get a Marceline’s Axe Bass Guitar, Manic Panic Goth White Cream/Powder Foundation, and Realistic Deluxe Custom Fangs for the complete costume.

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