How to Dress Like Marceline

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Fashion Tank Top
Long Straight Hair Wig
Premium Colored Denim Jeans
Manic Panic Goth White Cream/Powder Foundation
Realistic Deluxe Custom Fangs
Red Cowboy Knee High Boots
Marceline's Axe Bass Guitar

Best Marceline Costume Guide

Marceline the Vampire Queen is a half-demon/half-human from the Adventure Time animated TV show on Cartoon Network. Dress up just like your male vampire counterpart, Marshall Lee. Though over 1003 years old, you can have the Marceline’s cosplay style with Long Straight Hair Wig, Fashion Tank Top, Levi’s Women’s 524 Skinny Jean, and Cowboy Knee High Boots. Get a Marceline’s Axe Bass Guitar, Manic Panic Goth White Cream/Powder Foundation, and Realistic Deluxe Custom Fangs for the complete costume.

Marceline Cosplay Costumes

If you ever wondered how you could obtain the look of Marceline, the Vampire Queen, you’ve come to the right place! The first thing you’ll need if you don’t have long black hair already is to get a wig similar to her hair. You’ll then to grab white creme foundation to put on your face and the rest of your showing skin if you want to go the whole length. For her outfit, you’ll need a grey tank, some stylish skinny jeans, cowboy boots and a pair of fangs to round out the look. Also, don’t forget her bass guitar to really get her look down pat! Your friends could always go as Princess Bubblegum or Finn and then you could really have a group cosplay. We’d love to see your little Adventure Time group so don’t forget to send some photos!

Marceline Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the adventurous and musical realm of Marceline the Vampire Queen from “Adventure Time” with our detailed costume guide FAQ. Capture the essence of this enigmatic character as we navigate through the key elements needed to embody Marceline’s effortlessly cool and gothic style.

Marceline's look is iconic and relatively simple to recreate. Her outfit typically includes a dark gray tank top, blue jeans, and red boots. Key to her appearance are her long, black hair and pale blue-gray skin, which signify her vampire nature. Don't forget her signature pointed vampire teeth and a bass guitar, which is her preferred instrument.

To mimic Marceline's vampire appearance, use light blue or gray body paint for her skin. For her vampire teeth, you can find costume fangs that fit over your teeth. Her long, black hair can be replicated with a wig if needed, styled in a slightly messy way to match her laid-back attitude.

For Marceline's tank top, choose a breathable, stretchy fabric like cotton or a cotton blend in dark gray. Her jeans should be a comfortable fit, preferably in a classic blue denim. The simplicity of these garments is key to replicating her casual, rockstar vibe.

The red boots are a must-have for Marceline's costume. They should be calf-high or knee-high with a slight heel. Adding a bass guitar as a prop will significantly enhance the authenticity of the costume, especially if it resembles Marceline's axe bass from the show.

Marceline is known for her cool demeanor and musical talent. Here are some memorable quotes: "I'm not mean; I'm a thousand years old, and I just lost track of my moral code.," "Daddy, why did you eat my fries? I bought them, and they were mine.," "I can be soulful, Jake. I'm a soulful vampire.," "Sometimes I feel like I'm just like a boat upon a winding river, twisting towards an endless black sea." and "I'm Marceline, the Vampire Queen." These quotes reflect Marceline's complex personality, blending her cool exterior with her deeper, more introspective side.

About Marceline

Marceline is the Vampire Queen and despite what she may have said before, it’s estimated that her age is around 1003 years old. She claims she was bitten at 16 or 17 but that information was found false especially seeing as she had the same pale skin and pointed ears that she has currently. It has been shown that she was a vampire hunter in her mid to late teen before being turned into a vampire by the Vampire King but this is just speculation based on other scenarios that have been viewed. While it may not be known when she was bitten or if she was, one thing is known for sure and that is that’s she’s a human/vampire hybrid as well as being part demon. Because of her demon heritage, she’s able to eat souls and one of the souls she consumed was that of a vampire with healing abilities which explains her current healing trait.


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