How to Dress Like Mankind

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Mankind  Costume Guide
Dress Shirt
Casual Pants
Mankind Mask
Black Tie
Championship Belt
Men's Wig
Wrestling Boots

Best Mankind Costume Guide

Mankind, real name Mick Foley, is a professional wrestler who was popularized on the worldwide phenomenon World Wrestling Federation, more commonly known as WWF. Although Mankind started his wrestling career with World Championship Wrestling (WCW) and moved from one wrestling association to the other, the peak of his popularity as a wrestler was really in WWF. Mankind is known to be a crazy schizophrenic character who would somehow always regress to his childhood. He wore a mask and was known to live in boiler rooms. His finisher move was called the mandible claw nerve hold, where he would suppress his opponents and stick his fingers in their mouths. Get the look of the manic wrestler in this Mankind costume guide.

Cosplay Mankind’s deranged look by wearing a Men’s Wig, a Mankind Mask, a Dress Shirt with a Black Tie, Casual Pants, Wrestling Boots, and a Wrestling Belt.


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