How to Dress Like Male Pokemon Go Trainer (Valor)

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Valor Trainer (M) Costume Guide
Pokemon GO Trainer Visor Hat
Racing Biker Gloves
Pokemon Go Trainer Hoodie
Pokeball Toy
Loose Fit MTB Shorts
Triathlon Tights Fitness Pants
Puma Men's Ventnor Sneaker
Pokemon Go Backpack

Best Valor Trainer (M) Costume Guide

While you’re out catching Pikachu on Pokemon Go, you might as well look like a legit Team Valor Pokemon trainer. You can catch ’em all with this costume. Start with a Pokemon GO Trainer Visor Hat to protect yourself from the sun. Wear a Pokemon Go Trainer Hoodie, Loose Fit MTB Shorts, Racing Biker Gloves, and Triathlon Tights Fitness Pants. Stay comfortable in the Puma Men’s Ventnor Sneaker. Don’t forget your Pokemon Go Backpack, along with your Pokeball Toy. Now you’re ready to be the very best. Just watch out for Team Rocket!

Valor Trainer (M) Cosplay Costumes

We know you probably want to get started trying to find the best Pokemon for your team but you need to put together your look first. Valor is known as one of the strongest team and if you can get a few friends willing to dress as other Valor members, you’ll have a pretty intimidating group costume to show off this year. We’d love to see photos of what you can come up with so we can feature them on our site.

To get the look of a Valor Pokemon trainer, you’ll first need to grab a Pokemon Go trainer hoodie to start the look. You’ll then need a Pokemon Go trainer visor hat, racing biker gloves, a Pokeball toy, loose fit shorts, tight fitness pants, black sneakers and finally a Pokemon Go backpack to finish out the look.

About Valor Trainer (M)

One of the strongest of the teams from the popular game, Pokemon Go, Team Valor is a team that has made their mark on the internet and for good reason. They can be pretty ruthless when it comes to fighting other trainers and they always intend to take the top spot. Team Valor is led by Candela and she believes that Pokemon are much stronger than humans and much more warm-hearted. It’s to be expected that you’ll have the strongest Pokemon as long as you’re on Team Valor.

A common thing in the Pokemon Go games is for trainers to capture gyms and reign supreme over the other teams. Chances are that if you’re looking at a gym, Valor has it captured. You may defeat them for the time being but they always seem to come back to take the place. It’s clear to see why they happen to be one of the most popular teams in the game with the passion that they have.

Valor Trainer (M)

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