How to Dress like Male Pokemon Go Trainer (Mystic)

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Best Mystic Trainer (M) Costume Guide

Level up with a costume just like the Team Mystic male Pokemon GO trainer. You’ll be a part of the largest team while having a look like the Pokemon trainer from the game. Head to the local Pokegym dressed in a Pokemon Go Trainer Visor Hat, Men’s Pokemon Go Trainer Hoodie, Triathlon Tights Fitness Pants, Loose Fit MTB Shorts, Racing Biker Gloves, and a pair of PUMA Men’s Redon Move Fashion Sneaker. Grab your Pokemon Go Backpack and Pokeball Toy as try to catch’em all.

Mystic Trainer (M) Cosplay Costumes

If you want to join the largest team in Pokemon Go, you’ll need the right look to go along with it. The Mystic team usually focuses on blue in their outfits so the majority of what you’ll need we’ll be in this hue. Find a few friends willing to dress as the female mystic trainer or perhaps other team members and you could have a pretty cool group costume.

What you’ll need in order to put together this look is a men’s Pokemon Go trainer hoodie, a Pokemon Go trainer visor hat, a Pokemon Go trainer visor hat, tight fitness pants, loose fit shorts, Pokemon toy and a pair of black sneakers.

We’d love to see your creativity when it comes to putting together this costume so send over a few photos or you can draw inspiration from the ones already featured on the site!

Mystic Trainer (M) Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the virtual world of Pokémon GO as a male Team Mystic Trainer with our specialized costume guide FAQ. Tailored for enthusiasts aiming to replicate the sleek and intelligent style of Team Mystic, this section provides comprehensive answers to creating an authentic look that resonates with the team’s dedication to wisdom and calm analysis.

The male Team Mystic Trainer's costume includes a blue and black athletic jacket with the Team Mystic logo, black athletic pants or joggers, a light blue shirt, and comfortable sneakers. The look is often accessorized with a blue baseball cap featuring the Mystic logo and a Pokéball prop for the full trainer effect.

The Team Mystic logo, representing Articuno, can be printed onto transfer paper and ironed onto your jacket and cap for a DIY approach. Alternatively, look for pre-made patches or stickers with the Team Mystic logo to easily add to your outfit.

A functional and stylish backpack or crossbody bag in blue or black complements the Team Mystic Trainer outfit. Choose a bag that can hold essentials like a smartphone, Pokéballs, and other items for your Pokémon capturing adventures.

Team Mystic Trainers often sport practical and neat hairstyles, suitable for outdoor activities. Opt for a clean and tidy hairstyle, and keep makeup minimal or natural, focusing on a fresh and ready-for-action appearance.

To fully embody a Team Mystic Trainer, incorporate phrases that mirror the team's values, such as: "Wisdom over instinct, calm over rage.," "Let's approach this with logic and strategy.," "Articuno, lead us with your grace and intelligence.," "In the battle of wits, Team Mystic prevails." and "Knowledge is our weapon; let's use it to win this battle!." These phrases emphasize Team Mystic's focus on intelligence, strategy, and the thoughtful leadership of their mascot, Articuno.

About Mystic Trainer (M)

Team Mystic is one of three groups you can choose from in the mobile game, Pokemon Go and they are led by Blanche and her wisdom.

The values of Team Mystic are that they rely upon trusting in their wisdom and believe that Pokemon have great wisdom and they are interested and focused on figuring out how Pokemon evolve.

They believe that as long as they keep their wits about them, they can succeed in almost situation that seems dire.

Mystic also happens to be the most popular of the three teams as about 37% of 100,000 players are on Team Mystic. The members of Team Mystic also don’t have a lot of love for Team Valor. Team Valor is the second most popular team and ever since the game came out, the two teams have always been at odds with each other while Team Instinct is out doing their own thing

Mystic Trainer (M)

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