How to Dress like Male Pokemon Go Trainer (Instinct)

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Best Instinct Trainer (M) Costume Guide

Dress in a cosplay look like the Team Instinct male trainer from the Pokemon GO game.  Though the least popular of the Pokemon teams, you can follow Spark and Team Instinct with the full costume. Suit up in a Men’s Pokemon Go Trainer Yellow Hoodie, DESMIIT Men’s Triathlon Tights Fitness Pants, Fit MTB Shorts, Pokemon Go Trainer Visor, Racing Biker Gloves, and a pair of PUMA Men’s Redon Move Fashion Sneakers. Don’t play the game without your Pokemon Go Backpack and Pokeball Toy.

Instinct Trainer (M) Cosplay Costumes

While Team Instinct may not be the most popular of the three teams in the popular game, Pokemon Go but you can show off your loyalty to your team members with this outfit. We’d love to see photos of what you can come up with when it comes to this costume especially if you do a group look with other Pokemon Go trainers so feel free to send over a few photos of your costume!

If you want to replicate this Instinct look, you’ll need a men’s Pokemon Go trainer yellow hoodie, a Pokemon Go trainer visor, a Pokemon Go backpack, tight fitness pants with a yellow stripe, loose fit shorts, racing biker gloves, Pokemon toy and a pair of black sneakers to finish up the look and get ready to capture some Pokemon and put together the best team.

Instinct Trainer (M) Costume Tips & FAQs

Gear up as a Pokémon GO Instinct Trainer with our dynamic costume guide FAQ. Designed for fans who wish to represent Team Instinct’s adventurous and intuitive spirit, this section answers your questions about assembling an outfit that embodies the team’s ethos of trusting one’s instincts and the electric energy of their mascot, Zapdos.

A Pokémon GO Instinct Trainer's costume typically features a yellow and black athletic jacket with the Team Instinct logo, black leggings or athletic pants, a yellow t-shirt or tank top, and comfortable athletic shoes. Accessories include a yellow baseball cap with the Instinct logo and a Pokéball prop for the full trainer experience.

To recreate the Team Instinct logo, featuring the legendary Pokémon Zapdos, you can print the logo onto transfer paper and iron it onto your jacket and cap. Alternatively, look for pre-made patches or stickers with the Team Instinct logo to attach to your outfit.

A practical backpack or a crossbody bag in yellow, black, or a combination of both suits the Pokémon GO Instinct Trainer. The bag should be functional for carrying essentials like Pokéballs, a smartphone, and other items for Pokémon adventures.

Team Instinct Trainers typically have sporty and practical hairstyles, suitable for outdoor activities. Go for a clean and simple hairstyle, and keep makeup minimal, focusing on a fresh and active look.

To embody the spirit of a Team Instinct Trainer, use phrases like: "Trust your instincts and seize the moment!," "Team Instinct is all about spontaneous decisions and trusting our gut.," "Zapdos guides us with its electrifying intuition.," "We may not plan much, but we adapt quickly." and "Let's catch some Pokémon with our instinctual flair!." These phrases highlight Team Instinct's emphasis on intuition, spontaneity, and the vibrant leadership of their mascot, Zapdos.

About Instinct Trainer (M)

Team Instinct doesn’t need to be popular in order to consider themselves a great team. They have trust and loyalty in each other like no one else has and that’s what makes them so unique and strong. The teams don’t play a big role in the games and picking one won’t affect any choices but they’re a big deal online. Depending on who you choose, you may have quite the competition on your hands against other members.

The leader of Team Instinct is Spark and he is the only male of the three leaders and he’s known on the internet for being the silly one of the three leaders or at least he is depicted as so through all the fan art.

Team Instinct’s main thing is that they believe in trust and they believe that Pokemon are creatures with excellent intuition and Spark believes that the secret to that intuition is related to the way they hatch. Spark believes as long as the team trusts in their instincts, they’ll never lose.

Instinct Trainer (M)

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