How to Dress Like Malcolm ‘Mal’ Reynolds

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Malcolm 'Mal' Reynolds Costume Guide
Logger Shirt
Trench Coat
Casual Pants
Toy Gun
Leather Gloves
Gun Holster
Dress Boot

Best Malcolm 'Mal' Reynolds Costume Guide

Malcolm ‘Mal’ Reynolds is a fictional character from the Firefly franchise, where he appears in both the Firefly TV series and Serenity film played by actor Nathan Fillon. The Joss Whedon franchise was much-loved by its fans, with many lamenting the fact it was canceled too early, and Mal was one of the show’s most popular characters. He was a Browncoat sergeant with the Independents army and captain of the spaceship Serenity where he shows tremendous loyalty to his crew.

Characterized as a hero who is not like ordinary heroes, Reynolds’ main job is to keep himself and his crew safe in a world destroyed by war. If you want to get the look of Serenity captain Mal Reynolds, you’ll need to get yourself a Logger Shirt, Casual Pants, Trench Coat, Suspenders, Leather Gloves, Dress Boots, Gun Holster, and Toy Gun.


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