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Gold Tone Necklace
Fushia Goose Feathers
Victorian Dress
Fish Net Fingerless Gloves
Western Boots
Fish Net Thigh Highs

Best Maeve Millay Costume Guide

Maeve Millay, played by Thandie Newton, is a main character and host appearing in the mind-twisting HBO series, The Westworld. Maeve runs the brothel in the Mariposa Saloon in town. Due to flashbacks, Maeve begins to realize that her life inside the game is not actually a reality. Maeve’s questioning of the world she lives in begins to make problems for everyone around her including fellow host, Dolores Abernathy. Get the look of the manipulative host with this Maeve Millay costume guide.

Get Maeve’s brothel costume with a Victorian Dress, Thigh High Fish Net stockings, Fingerless Fish Net Gloves, Western Boots, a Gold Tone Necklace, and a pair of Fuchsia Goose Feathers to dress her look up a little more. Which begs to question, are you a host or a real person?

Maeve Millay Cosplay Costumes

Maeve Millay’s look has that old-timey, western look about it since she is a host in Westworld. You won’t have any trouble finding the pieces for her costume by following our advice! We recommend finding a Victorian dress and western style boots online for the best prices. The rest of her cosplay pieces like the fishnet stocking, gloves, feathers, and necklace can be found in a costume shop. Deck yourself out in the western attire for a trip down to the Mariposa Saloon. But, be prepared to take on an entirely different look as Maeve gains control of Westworld technicians, Sylvester and Felix.

Sling some drinks around with your friends who can dress as Clementine Pennyfeather, Teddy Flood, Dolores Abernathy, and the Man in Black. Now that you have most of the hosts gathered together, send us a picture of your Westworld group cosplay to be featured in the Maeve Millay costume gallery!

Maeve Millay Costume Tips & FAQs

Enter the captivating and complex world of “Westworld” with our costume guide FAQ, focusing on Maeve Millay, one of the show’s most intriguing characters. Portrayed with depth and intensity by Thandie Newton, Maeve’s character evolves significantly throughout the series. This guide will assist you in recreating Maeve’s iconic look from her time as the Madam of the Mariposa Saloon, perfect for fans looking to capture her sophisticated yet formidable presence at cosplay events, themed parties, or any gathering celebrating “Westworld.”

Maeve Millay's Madam outfit is defined by its late 19th-century style with a touch of allure and authority. Key elements include a form-fitting, Victorian-style dress often in dark colors like maroon or deep purple, embellished with lace or frills. The outfit is complemented by a corset, giving it a structured, hourglass silhouette. She frequently accessorizes with a feathered or floral headpiece, adding to her commanding yet elegant appearance.

Maeve's hairstyle is typically in soft, voluminous curls, which can be achieved with a curling iron or hot rollers. Her hair color is a deep brown, and it's often styled in an updo or with cascading curls around her shoulders. Makeup-wise, Maeve wears a classic, sophisticated look. Focus on a flawless complexion, defined eyebrows, subtle eyeshadow, and dark eyeliner. Her lips are usually adorned with a deep red or burgundy lipstick, accentuating her commanding presence.

Essential accessories for Maeve's costume include Victorian-style jewelry, such as a choker necklace or cameo brooch. A feathered or floral headpiece, as mentioned, is significant to her Madam persona. Also, consider adding a pair of lace gloves and Victorian-era shoes, such as lace-up or button-up boots, to complete the look authentically.

Maeve's dresses in "Westworld" often feature intricate details like lace trim, ruffles, and velvet or satin fabric. Look for patterns that reflect the opulence of the late 19th century, such as floral prints or damask. The key is to find a dress that exudes elegance and authority, with a touch of seduction — much like Maeve's character.

Incorporating quotes from Maeve Millay can add depth and authenticity to your portrayal. Some memorable lines from "Westworld" include: "Time to write my own f***ing story.," "This is the new world, and in this world, you can be whoever the f**k you want.," "I'm not scared of death; I'm scared of time.," "Dreams mean everything. They’re the stories we tell ourselves of what could be, who we could become." and "I died a million times. I'm f***ing great at it." These quotes capture Maeve's evolution from a scripted character to a self-aware, empowered individual, defining her journey throughout the series.

About Maeve Millay

Maeve Millay is the brothel madam in the local Mariposa Saloon from the HBO series, Westworld. Since she spends her days reading people and figuring out what they want, Maeve has learned to tell when people are lying. She is a host in the game of Westworld, but after a series of flashbacks, she begins to notice things that make her question her role in life.

As soon as Maeve questions if she is a real person, she changes from being charming and understanding to doing whatever she needs to do to survive. She purposes to kill anyone who gets her in way or attempts to kill her because she knows too much. Maeve will even send Clementine Pennyfeather, her daughter-like friend, to do all her dirty work so that she won’t get caught herself. She is determined to figure out what is really going on inside of Westworld.

Maeve Millay

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