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Mad Sweeney Costume Guide

Best Mad Sweeney Halloween Costume Guide

Mad Sweeney, the character based on the Irish god Buile Suibhne, plays the unlucky “leprechaun” in the television series American Gods. Brought to America from Ireland, Mad Sweeney isn’t as lucky as one might expect and is perhaps the unluckiest leprechaun in the world. This misfortune is because Mad Sweeney lost his “lucky” gold coin to Shadow. This resulted in the loss of his supernatural strength and unnatural prosperity. While he may be unlucky, he is undoubtedly charming and has many tricks up his sleeve, which includes being impossibly good at coin tricks.

Now you can get the look of the unlucky Irish leprechaun with this Mad Sweeney costume guide. Cosplay Mad Sweeney’s look by wearing Brown Plaid Pants with a White Tank Top, Brown Suspenders, and a pair of Brown Boots. You can then complete the stylish leprechaun look with some Irish Coins and a Silver Ring.

Mad Sweeney Cosplay Costumes

Though Mad Sweeney is originally from Ireland, he has been in America for so long that he has lost his Irish accent and many of his memories. Many people know him to be Mad Sweeney “the most unlucky leprechaun” of them all. But, he wasn’t always that way. In his past, Sweeney was Suibhne mac Colmaine, a 7th-century king in a small kingdom north of Ireland. He was then cursed by St. Ronan to a life of wandering and madness. Cosplay Mad Sweeney’s look from the Amazon series, American Gods, by sporting a pair of brown plaid pants and a white tank top. Add brown suspenders and brown boots to complete the look by adding some Irish coins and a silver ring.

Bring your friends along as you cosplay Mad Sweeney’s closest friends and fiercest enemies. Try your coin tricks on Shadow or press your luck with characters like Mr. Wednesday, Shadow Moon, Laura Moon, and Bilquis.

About Mad Sweeney

Mad Sweeney takes on the lead role in the Amazon series, American Gods. As a leprechaun from Ireland, he relies on his lucky gold coin for safety and prosperity. Of course, once he encounters Shadow at Jack’s Crocodile Bar, his luck runs out. After Mad Sweeney picks a fight with Shadow, Shadow somehow steals the lucky coin which results in a series of unlucky events. However, Mad Sweeney wasn’t always so unlucky. He arrived from Ireland many years ago as a king or a god. One theory suggests that Sweeney was Suibhne mac Colain, the 7th-century king of a small kingdom in the Northeast of Ireland. The other theory suggests he was Lugh, the Celtic Sun God, and a fierce warrior.

Based on Neil Gaiman’s novel of the same name, American Gods, brings myths and history together. Mad Sweeney, for example, is based on the Irish tale of King Suibhne, who was cursed by St. Ronan to a life of madness and wandering.

Mad Sweeney

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