How to Dress Like MacGruber

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MacGruber Costume Guide
Flannel Shirt
Men's Jeans
Henley T-Shirt
Brown Leather Watch
Travel Vest
Aviator Sunglasses
Braided Belt
Men's Costume Wig
Men's Boots

Best MacGruber Costume Guide

MacGruber is a fictional character created by writer and comedian Jorma Taccone during his time on Saturday Night Live. In 2010, MacGruber got his own feature film with SNL alumni Will Forte taking up the title role. The film and character are a direct parody of the 80’s action shows, MacGyver, where the action is huge and unrealistic. MacGruber is characterized as a typical action movie character–a veteran of several special armed forces who is drawn out of retirement to save the world from a crazed madman who had wronged him in the past.

If this sounds like every action movie you’ve seen, that’s the point! Transform into the well-credentialed hero with this MacGruber costume guide. To get the MacGruber Men’s Costume Wig, you’ll need Aviator Sunglasses, Henley T-Shirt, Flannel Shirt, Travel Vest, Men’s Jeans, Braided Belt, Leather Belt, and Men’s Boots.


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