How to Dress Like Mabel Pines

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Fake Novelty Gag Teeth with Braces
Long Sleeve Turtleneck
Mabel Pines Shooting Star Sweater Patch
Hot Pink Satin Headband
Flared Mini Skater Skirt
Gravity Falls Waddles Plush
Scalloped Turncuff Socks
Basic Round Toe Ballet Flats

Best Mabel Pines Costume Guide

Get ready for summer vacation dressed as Mabel Pines, the free-spirited 12-year-old who spends the summer with her Great Uncle Stan on the TV show Gravity Falls on Disney XD. As the older sister, born just 5 minutes before her brother, Dipper Pines, she takes a much less serious approach to life. She never misses a “scrapbookortunity” with a costume made up of Fake Novelty Gag Teeth with Braces, Solid Color Turtleneck Long Sleeve Top, Mabel Pines Shooting Star Sweater Patch, Stretchy Flared Mini Skater Skirt, Scalloped Turncuff Socks, and Basic Round Toe Ballet Flats. Accessorize your Mabel costume with a Hot Pink Satin Headband and Gravity Falls Waddles Plush.

Mabel Pines Cosplay Costumes

Mabel’s appearance is much like most teenage girls, and that makes her look easy to put together. You may already have most of these pieces in your closet, so this will be a quick recreation for you! The only item you may need to search out of your own collection for is the shooting star patch which you can find online without the hassle!

Now for the best part, grab a few friends to dress as other characters from the show to make for a fun night! They can choose from Dipper Pines, Wendy Corduroy, Grunkle Stan, or many others! Pairing one or all of these characters together really pull the looks together and it’s just more fun with the whole crew! Make sure to send us a picture whether you go solo or with the group, and check out our costume gallery to see the others who love Mabel just as much as we do!

Mabel Pines Costume Tips & FAQs

Embrace the vibrant and cheerful world of “Gravity Falls” with our comprehensive costume guide FAQ for Mabel Pines. Ideal for fans and cosplayers, this guide will assist you in creating a perfect Mabel Pines look, capturing her bubbly and optimistic personality with every detail.

Mabel's outfit is colorful and full of character. It typically includes a bright, patterned sweater with unique designs (like a star, rainbow, or smiley face), a short, pleated skirt (usually in a solid color like pink or purple), white tights with colorful patterns, and black Mary Jane shoes. Don't forget her signature headband, often in a color that matches her sweater.

Mabel has long, brown hair with a full fringe (bangs) that is usually styled straight. For an authentic Mabel look, straighten your hair and wear a headband. If you don't have long hair, a brown wig with a similar hairstyle can be an excellent alternative.

Mabel's makeup is minimal, reflecting her young age. A bit of blush for rosy cheeks and some pink lip gloss should be sufficient. As for accessories, she often wears quirky earrings (like candy or rainbows) and sometimes sports a bright-colored wristwatch.

Mabel's sweaters are a key part of her look. You can find similar patterned sweaters in stores or online. Alternatively, you can buy a plain sweater and decorate it with fabric paint, iron-on patches, or felt cut-outs to mimic her quirky designs.

Absolutely! Using Mabel's quotes will add an extra layer of fun to your cosplay. Here are some memorable ones: "I'm Mabel, but you can call me 'The girl of your dreams'.," "Grunkle Stan, I trust you.," "Dipper, this is our chance to meet boys!," "On a scale of one to ten, I'm super great!" and "When life gives you lemons, call them 'yellow oranges' and sell them for double the price." These quotes perfectly capture Mabel's quirky, optimistic, and imaginative nature, enhancing the authenticity of your costume.

About Mabel Pines

Mabel Pines is the twin sister of Dipper (she was born first by five whole minutes) and is the second protagonist of the cartoon television show Gravity Falls. Mabel is the kind hearted, overly naive, and all around excited about life character on the show. Even when the two are dealing with supernatural beings that are set out to hurt the twins, Mabel doesn’t see the danger and tends to get herself in trouble.

One of Mabel’s dreams and the goal of living in Gravity Falls is to find her true love. She even falls for a teenage boy who later turns out to be a group go gnomes that fooled Mabel. Her curiosity obviously gets the best of her at times, and Dipper usually has to be the one to save her. Mabel is the one you want as your friend because she is not only the nicest character on the show, but the most loyal and friendly to all.

Mabel Pines

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