How to Dress Like Ma-Ti (Heart)

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Simplicity Black Wig
Result Safari Wasitcoat Jacket
Cafe Press Planeteer T-Shirt
Canvas Belt with Brass Buckle
JewelrieShop Red Leather Braclet
Amscan Light-Up Gem Rings
RVCA Brown Shorts
Converse Blue Chuck Taylor
Green Duck Feathers

Best Ma-Ti Costume Guide

Calling all Earth Conscious cosplayers! Dress up like Ma-Ti who as “Heart” is the smallest and youngest among the members of the Planeteers from the 90’s cartoon show Captain Planet. The pollution-fighting superhero Captain Planet can’t fight pollution without his team Kwame,Wheeler,Linka,Gi, andMa-Ti!  Follow our guide, and we’ll have you looking fit enough to wear the Heart Ring in no time at all!

To get the cosplay costume of Ma-Ti get a Simplicity Black Wig, a Light-Up Gem Rings, Red Leather Bracelet, and Green Duck Feathers. For the clothing, wear a Planeteer T-Shirt under a Safari Waistcoat Jacket. Complete the look with RVCA Brown Shorts belted with a Canvas Belt and a cool pair of Converse Blue Chuck Taylors.

Ma-Ti Cosplay Costumes

Ma-Ti dresses about how you might expect an Earth-loving Planeteer to dress. The key to this look? Khaki vest and khaki shorts. A hand drawn blue t-shirt will suffice if you’re in a hurry. If not, the Captain Planet logo t-shirt is readily available online. A pair of Converse sneakers or any sneakers honestly would do. Tie a couple of feathers to some red cording and pick a forearm to wrap it around. The supplies are easily found in any craft section.

If you already have short dark hair, you’re ahead of the game. If not, a wig can be purchased at any local costume shop. For group cosplay, you can’t create Captain Planet without all five team members! Include other Planeteers like, Wheeler, Gi, Kwame or Linka. Of course, if you’re into a darker side, an Eco-Villian is always an excellent choice. Be sure to check out our featured pics for more style ideas. Send in your own as well and show us you look!

Ma-Ti Costume Tips & FAQs

Embrace the role of Ma-Ti, the compassionate and empathetic Planeteer wielding the power of Heart from the classic animated series “Captain Planet.” Our costume guide FAQ is designed to assist you in recreating Ma-Ti’s memorable look, symbolizing his deep connection with nature and his crucial role in the team. From his iconic red shirt to the essential Heart Ring, we’ll guide you through crafting an authentic Ma-Ti cosplay, capturing the essence of his character and his commitment to protecting the environment.

Ma-Ti's outfit is both simple and iconic. It consists of a red short-sleeve shirt, blue shorts, and a pair of brown moccasins or sandals. The most distinctive and essential accessory is the Heart Ring, which he uses to summon Captain Planet and communicate with animals. Additionally, Ma-Ti is often seen with his brown hair styled in a bowl cut.

To mimic Ma-Ti's hairstyle, aim for a bowl cut, which can be achieved with a wig if necessary. Ma-Ti has a youthful and gentle appearance, so minimal makeup is needed. His most distinguishing feature is his Heart Ring, which should be replicated as closely as possible to the design seen in the series.

Look for a plain red short-sleeve shirt, ideally in a bright shade of red. Pair this with simple blue shorts, which should be comfortable and casual, reflecting Ma-Ti's young and active character. The clothes should be practical, suitable for a young environmental crusader.

The Heart Ring is an essential accessory for a Ma-Ti cosplay. You can create the ring using craft materials like clay or purchase a replica if available. Additionally, wearing a Planeteer communicator badge, similar to the one in the series, can add authenticity to your costume.

To bring your Ma-Ti portrayal to life, consider using some of his memorable lines from "Captain Planet," such as: "Go Planet!," "The power of Heart!," "We must work together to protect our Earth!," "Captain Planet, we need your help!" and "We are Planeteers, and we have to do our part!." These quotes reflect Ma-Ti's commitment to environmentalism, his belief in unity and teamwork, and his role as the heart of the Planeteers, making your cosplay more dynamic and true to character.

About Ma-Ti (Heart)

Ma-Ti is merely one of 5 of Captain Planet’s Planeteers and the last to be summoned. Despite his youth, his keen intelligence at times makes him the first to see reason and truth. He is naturally empathetic and kindly. His Heart power brings balance to his fellow planeteers. Ma-Ti is gifted with telepathic powers and has the ability to communicate that way with both people and animals. It allows him to find lost team members or seek help from those around him.

His skill-set also includes the ability to help the others link back to Captain Planet, Hope Island, and Gaia. While he has the ability to control other humans, he very seldom takes advantage of this skill as he believes it to be morally reprehensible. Even with these strengths, Ma-Ti does have his limitations. Due to his age, he isn’t as physically strong as the other male planeteers. The power of his ring can also be blocked by negative thoughts and is useless against beings that lack compassion. Ma-Ti may be young, but it does nothing to dull his bravery.


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