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Black Lipstick
White Hand Towel
Black Suit
White Gloves
White Dress Shirt
Black Eye Shadow
Pre-Tied Oversized Bow Tie
Black Dress Socks
Lurch Makeup Tutorial
White Face Makeup
Black Wingtip Shoes

Best Lurch Costume Guide

Lurch, from the Addams Family, is exactly the person you would imagine to have that name. He’s a tall, lurking man that could only ever be content in a place like the Addams family household! He is the caretaker of the family, especially the kids, and proves useful in many ways to both the family and house. Just ring the bell and you’ll instantly hear Lurch say, “You rang?” Get the look of the Addams Family manservant with this Lurch costume guide.

Cosplay Lurch’s creepy style with a White Dress Shirt paired with his Black Suit and Oversized Bow Tie. He wears White Gloves, Black Dress Socks, and a pair of Black Wingtip Shoes. He is also found carrying around a White Towel draped over his arm like any good butler would do. Now that you have his clothes, you need the death-like complexion! Paint on some White Face Makeup, Black Eye Shadow, and Black Lipstick with the help of a Lurch Makeup Tutorial!

Lurch Cosplay Costumes

Lurch isn’t much different in appearance than other butlers except for his monster-like stature and evil ways similar to other members of the Addams Family! His style is made up of a typical black butler dress suit with matching items. Do your best cosplay by complimenting your cosplay with white gloves and a white hand towel. The face makeup to achieve Lurch’s look can be found at any costume shop. Then, you’re all set to lurk around!

Get the whole Addams Family together by having your friends dress as Wednesday Addams, Pugsley Addams, Morticia Addams, Gomez Addams, and Uncle Fester! Once you have your cosplay crew together or you’re ready to go solo, send us a picture of the finished look to be featured as a favorite Lurch costume! Welcome to the Addams Family!

Lurch Costume Tips & FAQs

Immerse yourself in the mysterious and gothic world of the Addams Family with our Lurch costume guide FAQ. This guide is designed to help you recreate the iconic look of Lurch, the tall and somber butler with a heart of gold. Perfect for fans of the Addams Family, this costume will embody the character’s unique blend of spookiness and endearing charm, making it ideal for Halloween events, themed parties, or cosplay.

Lurch's outfit is characterized by its classic butler style, which includes a dark, preferably black, suit with a long tailcoat, a white dress shirt, and a bow tie. His pants should be neatly pressed, and he typically wears polished black dress shoes. Lurch's towering height is a key aspect of his character, so platform shoes or shoe inserts can be used to add height. His hair is slicked back, and he often has a notably pale complexion with dark, sunken eyes.

To achieve Lurch's look, use makeup to create a pale and slightly gaunt complexion. Enhance the hollows of your cheeks and darken around your eyes to achieve his sunken-eye appearance. Lurch's hair is typically slicked back and neat, so use gel or pomade to style your hair (or a wig) accordingly. His facial expression is often stern and emotionless, adding to his eerie presence.

For Lurch's suit, choose a classic black suit with a tailcoat, as it adds to the butler aesthetic. Underneath, wear a white dress shirt paired with a dark bow tie. To mimic Lurch's height, wear platform shoes or shoe inserts. The shoes should be dark and formal, in keeping with his butler role.

While Lurch's outfit is relatively straightforward, enhancing the costume with a few accessories can add to its authenticity. Consider carrying an old-fashioned serving tray or a bell to symbolize his role as a butler. You might also add a touch of gray to your hair or eyebrows to give you a more aged look, in line with Lurch's character.

To fully embody Lurch's persona, use his deep, resonant voice to say his iconic line, "You rang?" whenever someone addresses you. Remaining stoic and expressionless, as Lurch is known for his lack of emotion, will also add to the authenticity of your portrayal. Additionally, moving slowly and deliberately, embodying Lurch's lumbering gait, can enhance the character's spooky butler essence.

About Lurch

Lurch isn’t one to talk too much, so there isn’t a whole lot to know about his past. What we do know is that Morticia Addams may or may not have dug him straight out of a cemetery. His father put him together much like Frankenstein was assembled. He appears to be much like Frankenstein with his mannerisms and his appearance, but he is the best manservant the Addams Family could have ever asked for!

Lurch will instantly appear as soon as someone rings his bell, and will take on any task that is asked of him. He is best at is taking care of Pugsley and Wednesday Addams. Wednesday even views Lurch as her best friend. He will make them lunch, put them on the school bus, and even play games with them. He protects the house and family as if it was his own. The Addams Family consider Lurch as another member family too!


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