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Best Luigi Costume Guide

Luigi is the taller, younger brother of the Super Mario Bros. duo created by Nintendo. Luigi is easily recognized by his signature green shirt and overalls. Dress up just like the virtual video game plumber with the Luigi Hat And Mustache Kit, Super Mario Brothers Deluxe Gloves, Long-Sleeve T-Shirt, High Back Bib Overalls, and USA Sergeants Verdict Men’s Boots. Match the look of Luigi’s overalls by adding Yellow Flatback Resin Buttons.

Luigi Cosplay Costumes

Luigi first appeared in Nintendo’s arcade game “Mario Bros.” in 1983, and has been featured in Nintendo games ever since. Luigi is usually portrayed as a sidekick for his brother, Mario. With a pair of overalls, a green shirt, and a mustache, any cosplayer can dress like the famous plumber! To add to the fun, have your friends dress up as Mario, Princess Peach, or Daisy.

Luigi Costume Tips & FAQs

Leap into the world of classic video games with our Luigi costume guide FAQ, inspired by the character from the Super Mario Bros. series. Ideal for fans looking to embody Mario’s brave and sometimes overshadowed brother, this guide will help you recreate Luigi’s signature look, complete with his green and blue attire and unmistakable mustache.

Luigi's outfit is similar to his more famous brother Mario but with his own unique color scheme. The essential components include a green long-sleeve shirt and blue overalls with yellow buttons. Luigi's iconic accessories are his green cap with a white circle and a green "L" in the center, a large, bushy black mustache, and white gloves. He also wears brown shoes. To capture Luigi's essence, a taller and slimmer physique compared to Mario is characteristic.

Luigi's cap is a key feature. You can find replica caps online or use a plain green baseball cap and add the white circle and green "L" using fabric or felt. For the mustache, if you're unable to grow one, use a fake black mustache that is thick and bushy, typical of Luigi's style.

Luigi wears simple brown leather shoes or work boots. For accessories, white gloves are essential to complete the classic plumber look. Optionally, you can carry a prop green shell or a star from the Mario games to enhance the theme.

To embody Luigi's character, focus on his slightly more timid and cautious demeanor compared to Mario. He often shows a bit of nervousness but is always ready to step up when needed. His movements are also a bit more exaggerated and comical, reflecting his taller and slimmer build.

Including Luigi's famous phrases can make your costume portrayal more engaging. Some iconic Luigi quotes include: "Let's-a go!," "Oh yeah! Luigi time!," "I'm Luigi, number one!," "Mario!" and "Ha! Got it!." These quotes capture Luigi's enthusiastic and supportive nature, his moments of triumph, and his close relationship with his brother Mario.

About Luigi

Luigi’s character was originally designed to just be Mario with a different color scheme. However, Luigi eventually evolved into his own separate and distinct character. Luigi is similar to his brother Mario in several ways, but there are some key differences. While Mario generally has a short temper, Luigi is usually more timid and good-natured. Luigi is also noticeably taller than his brother. While it hasn’t been officially confirmed, many suspect that Luigi is romantically interested in Daisy, mirroring Mario’s interest in Princess Peach. If you need some inspiration for your Luigi cosplay, make sure to check out more photos on our website. Also, be sure to upload your own photos to our gallery!


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