How to Dress Like Luigi

Super Mario Brothers Deluxe Gloves
Luigi Hat And Mustache Kit
Long-Sleeve T-Shirt
High Back Bib Overall
Yellow Flatback Resin Buttons
USA Sergeants Verdict Men's Boot
  1. Super Mario Brothers Deluxe Gloves Check Price
  2. Luigi Hat and Mustache Kit Check Price
  3. Long-Sleeve T-Shirt Check Price
  4. High Back Bib Overalls Check Price
  5. Yellow Flatback Resin Buttons Check Price
  6. USA Sergeants Verdict Men's Boots Check Price

Best Luigi Costume Guide

Luigi is the taller, younger brother of the Super Mario Bros. duo created by Nintendo. Luigi is easily recognized by his signature green shirt and overalls. Dress up just like the virtual video game plumber with the Luigi Hat And Mustache Kit, Super Mario Brothers Deluxe Gloves, Long-Sleeve T-Shirt, High Back Bib Overalls, and USA Sergeants Verdict Men’s Boots. Match the look of Luigi’s overalls by adding Yellow Flatback Resin Buttons.

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