How to Dress Like Lucio

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Dreadlock Wig
Wrist Sweatbands
Lucio Green Shirt
Blood Pressure Cuff
Workout Gloves
Knee Pads and Elbow Pads
Pet Travel Portable Bag
Dri-Power Sweatpants
Cricket Thigh Pads
Green Spray Paint
Lúcio Weapon
Roller Skates

Best Lucio Costume Guide

Lucio Correia dos Santos is a hero in the Blizzard Entertainment Overwatch video game. The DJ from Rio de Janeiro “Can’t stop, won’t stop!” This guy not only likes to jam on some music but likes to bust a move to protect his land!  Lucio stole Vishkar Corporation’s sonic technology used for suppressing the Brazilian people while developing the land. With this technology, Lucio blasts his enemies with sound. Get this futuristic Overwatch costume with this Lucio costume guide!

Cosplay Lucio’s look with a Dreadlock Wig, Lucio Green Shirt, Workout Gloves, and Dri-Power Sweatpants, Wrist Sweatbands, and Sunglasses. Then, get all of Lucio’s accessories with a Blood Pressure Cuff, Cricket Thigh Pads, Knee Pads, Elbow Pads, Roller Skates, Pet Travel Portable Bag, and a Lucio Weapon. Lucio’s outfit is out of this world!



Lucio Cosplay Costumes

Lucio, the hero from the game Overwatch, has a costume that takes quite a few pieces to get right, so you have to know where to get the specific pieces. But as Lucio would say, “You gotta believe!” Some pieces are best to buy online like the wig, Lucio shirt, thigh pads, and Lucio’s weapon. Some of the other items like the travel bag, sweatbands, blood pressure cuff, knee pads, and elbow pads can be found in costume shops. Check your own closet first to see what pieces you already have before buying stuff!

Lucio has quite a few characters that he is willing to fight alongside, which makes this costume a perfect opportunity for group cosplay! Get a couple of your friends to dress as Tracer, D.Va, Soldier: 76Tracer, or Widowmaker, or any of the other heroes! Make sure to send us a picture of your completed look because we just might include in the Lucio cosplay gallery.

Lucio Costume Tips & FAQs

Get ready to hit the beat as Lúcio, the charismatic DJ and freedom fighter from the popular game “Overwatch.” Our Lúcio costume guide FAQ is here to help you capture his futuristic, vibrant style and energetic persona. Whether for cosplay events or gaming conventions, this guide will ensure you’re the life of the party, just like Lúcio himself.

Lúcio's costume is a blend of futuristic and sporty elements. Key components include a green and yellow jersey with his frog logo, tight black pants with green highlights, and his signature rollerblade-like skates. Don't forget his futuristic, green-tinted goggles and his intricate, cybernetic leg braces. For a complete look, add a pair of green and yellow gloves and his unique, sonic amplifier backpack.

Creating Lúcio's sonic amplifier and skates can be a fun DIY project. For the amplifier, use lightweight materials like foam or cardboard, painting them to match his in-game model. The skates require a bit more creativity; modify a pair of rollerblades or sneakers with additional props and paint to resemble his futuristic skates. LED lights can add an extra touch of authenticity.

For Lúcio's clothing, focus on athletic wear that matches his color scheme: bright green, yellow, and black. A custom-printed jersey with his frog logo is ideal. Pair this with tight black pants or athletic leggings that have green accents or stripes. The outfit should look sporty and ready for action.

In addition to his sonic amplifier and skates, Lúcio's costume is known for its details. Include his green-tinted goggles and cybernetic leg braces, which can be crafted from foam or other lightweight materials. His hair is styled in dreadlocks, so a wig might be necessary unless you have similar hair. A set of headphones around the neck can also add to the authenticity.

Adding Lúcio's iconic quotes to your cosplay can bring his character to life. Here are some memorable lines: "Let's break it down!," "Oh, let's break it down!," "Can't stop, won't stop.," "You feel that?" and "I'm on top of the world!." These quotes reflect Lúcio's upbeat, positive attitude and his role as a morale-boosting DJ in the "Overwatch" universe, making them perfect for adding an extra layer of fun and authenticity to your costume.

About Lucio

Lucio Correia dos Santos is one of the hero characters from the popular Blizzard video game, Overwatch. In Overwatch, Lucio and the other heroes protect a specific location using their own special fighting talents. Lucio uses his musical skills as either a defensive tool to bounce enemies away or uses sound waves to heal his partners.

Lucio grew up in Rio de Janeiro, and during the hardship of his home, Lucio only wanted to lift the spirits of those around him in any way he knew. Music expresses how Lucio feels and how he expresses his own feelings. So, he decided to use his musical talents as his tool of influencing everyone to be happier. Whether this was for a long or short period of time, Lucio wanted to bring everyone together. Lucio saw how his music impacted others, and he knew that he could use it to help make the world a better place.


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