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Best Lucas Costume Guide

If you love the third installment of the Nintendo’s Earthbound series, Mother 3, you’ll be familiar with the main character Lucas. The shy, quiet young boy with psychic abilities from Tazmily Village is the main character in Mother 3. Despite being identical in appearance, Lucas is very much unlike his twin brother Claus. Known for his trademark red striped shirt and blue shorts, Lucas is trying to prevent a mysterious invading army from destroying the world. Get the look of the twin from Earthbound with this Lucas costume guide.

To cosplay Lucas, you need a Men’s Striped T-Shirt, Men’s Classic Chino Shorts, Converse Low Top, Men’s Crew Athletic Sock, and a Men’s Short Blonde Wig. Accessorize even further by carrying a stick or baseball bat–Lucas’ weapons of choice. If you love Mother 3 from Nintendo and can identify with the kind, family oriented hero Lucas, this costume is for you. Heroes come in all types–even softer, timid ones. Now you can represent the heroes like Lucas who turn their fragility into bravery.

Lucas Cosplay Costumes

If you want to cosplay as Lucas from Mother 3, you’re opening yourself up to a world of possibilities. This character is great for so many events–Comic-Con, video game themed parties, Nintendo themed parties, Halloween, or even just for fun. Who says there needs to be a reason to dress as your favorite little hero, Lucas?

You could take any cosplay event by storm by stepping out with a friend dressed as Lucas’ twin brother Claus. Take it to the next level by adding his friends, Dusty and Kumatora, as cosplay companions. Not only is Lucas the star of Mother 3, but he also pops up in Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. alongside another Earthbound alumnus, Ness. So, why not find your Ness and get adventuring!

About Lucas

In Mother 3, the third game in the popular Earthbound series, Lucas, his brother Claus, and mother Hinawa were returning to Tazmily Village after a visit to the boys’ grandfather when a Mecha Drago killed Hinawa. While Lucas was distraught at the loss of his mother, Claus disappears vowing to avenge Hinawa’s death.

Because Lucas is a gentle, quiet boy, he remains with his father in Tazmily Village until he is 12-years-old. He grew to be strong and brave like his brother Claus. Along with his friends Duster, Kumatora, and dog Boney, Lucas sets off on a quest to save the world from a villain known as The Masked Man. In a final battle with The Masked Man, the ghost of Hinawa appears. The Masked Man is then revealed to be Lucas’ brother Claus. Following Claus’ suicide, Lucas is able to pull the last of the Seven Needles to save the world.


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