How to Dress Like Lucas Sinclair

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Long Sleeve Corduroy Jacket
Multi Color Shadow Striped Shirt
Washed Khaki Slim Tapered-Fit Pant
Wooden Slingshot
Adidas Originals
Denim Travel Backpack

Best Lucas Sinclair Costume Guide

Survivor and part of the original group of friends, Stranger Things character Lucas Sinclair is a fairly new cosplay option. Take a look at our guide and read on about how we can transform you into this newly famous resident of Hawkins Indiana in seven steps. Although he’s just a kid on the show, any committed cosplayer can pull off his look.

We chose a Long Sleeve Corduroy Jacket over a Multi Color Shadow Striped Shirt. We picked a pair of Washed Khaki Slim Tapered-Fit Pants and paired them with some old school Adidas Originals. We accessorized with a Denim Travel Backpack and Bandanna. We concluded with his all important Wooden Slingshot.

Lucas Sinclair Cosplay Costumes

New smash hit Stranger Things is a show about a group of kids in the early 80’s fighting against strange forces and a place called the Upside Down. Everything about this cosplay is fun and easy. If you don’t have most of the pieces in your closet already, they can for sure be found in a local thrift shop.

From his distinct corduroy jacket and 80’s popular striped t-shirt to his coordinating pants and cool bandanna tied around his head, Everything about Lucas Sinclair’s look is comfortable to wear and easy to find. If you’re looking to represent the whole gang at your next convention, be sure to include Mike, Will, Dustin and of course newcomer, Eleven. Be sure to check out our featured pics for more style ideas and send in your own and show us what you come up with!

Lucas Sinclair Costume Tips & FAQs

Transport yourself to the mysterious and thrilling world of Hawkins, Indiana, with our Lucas Sinclair costume guide from the hit series “Stranger Things.” This FAQ is designed to help you capture the essence of Lucas, one of the resourceful and brave kids who face supernatural forces. We’ll focus on the essential elements of Lucas’s 1980s-inspired look, from his practical attire to his signature accessories, ensuring your cosplay resonates with his adventurous spirit and iconic style.

Lucas Sinclair's outfit reflects the practical and retro style of the 1980s. Essential elements include a camouflage bandana or headband, a dark t-shirt often layered with a button-up shirt or jacket, a pair of classic 80s jeans, and sneakers. His look is completed with a wristwatch and a backpack, which are practical for his adventurous endeavors.

Lucas has short, curly hair, which can be achieved with a similar hairstyle or a wig. He often wears a camouflage bandana or headband, which is a distinctive feature of his character. Keep the overall look simple and in line with the 1980s style.

Look for vintage or retro-style shirts, typical of the 1980s. Layering a dark t-shirt with a button-up shirt or a lightweight jacket adds authenticity to the look. Lucas is often seen wearing earth tones or muted colors, reflecting his practical and down-to-earth personality.

Essential accessories for a Lucas Sinclair cosplay include a camouflage bandana or headband, a digital wristwatch, and a practical backpack. Additionally, Lucas is often seen with his trusty slingshot, which could be included as a prop. Remember to prioritize safety and comply with event regulations if you include a slingshot.

To bring your Lucas Sinclair cosplay to life, consider using some of his memorable lines or mimicking his actions from "Stranger Things," such as: "I'm just being realistic.," "We never would've upset you if we knew you had superpowers.," "I'm coming in! I said, I'm coming in!" and "You're right. You are a freak... Who's super cool and can move things with her mind." Adopting Lucas's pragmatic attitude and his bravery in the face of danger will add depth and authenticity to your portrayal.

About Lucas Sinclair

By far the most vocal and skeptical of the group, Lucas Sinclair is close to his guy pals. Having known Mike and Will since they were small, he is closest to them, but after meeting Dustin in the 4th grade, Lucas considers him a trusted friend. He is an avid fan of Dungeons and Dragons and enjoys bike riding with his friends as well as communicating via walkie-talkies.

An active member of the AV Club with his loyal friends, they are gifted with intelligence and take first prize in the science fair every year. Upon meeting recent Hawkins Laboratory escapee, Eleven or “El” for short, Lucas was mistrustful of her and with good reason. Though it caused friction in their small group, he and Eleven eventually grew to trust one another. He is loyal to his friends and fearless in their defense.

Lucas Sinclair

Group Costume Ideas with Lucas Sinclair

Get ready to step into the Upside Down with group costume ideas featuring the one and only Lucas Sinclair from Stranger Things! Just like Lucas and his squad of friends, you and your crew can rock some killer coordinated outfits that will make heads turn at any event. From retro '80s gear to matching accessories, there are endless possibilities to bring these iconic characters to life in style. So grab your friends, channel your inner Lucas, and get ready to slay the costume game together!


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