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Lucas (Season 3) Costume Guide

Best Lucas (Season 3) Costume Guide

Lucas Sinclair, played by Caleb McLaughlin, is back and as ready as ever in the third season of Netflix’s Stranger Things. The group of friends from Hawkins is growing up and branching out into different things. They’re still great friends, but they don’t spend hours and hours playing Dungeons & Dragons anymore. Mike Wheeler and Eleven hang out every moment they can alone together while Lucas and Maxine “Max” Mayfield are still dating on and off. 

When they find out that the Mind Flayer is still alive and getting stronger by the minute, the team must once again work together to stop it before it’s too late. Lucas and the group have to put their differences aside and stop the Mind Flayer before it takes over Hawkins and kills everyone. To get the same look as Lucas from the third season, you will want to find a Burgundy and Grey Shirt, Blue Shorts, Tube Socks, a pair of Red and White Converse Shoes, and a White Wristband.

Lucas (Season 3) Cosplay Costumes

The third season of Stranger Things takes place in the year 1985. The fashion of the 80s is in full swing, and the crazy patterns and bold colors are all the rage. Lucas is now a teenager, which means, he’s beginning to find his clothing style. He likes to look cool but comfy. At first, you might be wondering how are you going to find 80s era clothing for your outfit, but it isn’t as hard as you might think! The trends of that era are coming back in style, making it easy for you to find what you need to pull off Lucas’ look in season 3. 

Lucas is always ready to help out a friend, even if that means having to hold back from saying, “I told you so.” Send a code red over your radio to set a meeting point for the others. Hopefully, your friends Max Mayfield, Dustin Henderson, Mike Wheeler, Will Byers, and Eleven will hear you and respond!

About Lucas (Season 3)

In season 2, the team was able to fight off the Demegorgans while El closed the gate. Everything was finally over, and the kids were able to settle into a normal life in Hawkins once more. During season 3, Lucas Sinclair is still dating Max, though she often dumps him, and Mike spends most of his time with Eleven. When Max dumps Lucas, again, and El dumps Mike, the two boys suddenly are at a loss of what to do. Lucas has always been the pragmatic guy of the group on the Netflix TV show, Stranger Things. And though they have no idea what they did wrong, Lucas thinks he knows how to win them back.

Before they can see their plans through, though, the Mind Flayer begins attacking Hawkins. The team has to let bygones be bygones and get over it if they have any chance of working together to stop it. Through it all, Lucas realizes that petty grudges aren’t worth it in the grand scheme of things and that he loves his friends more than anything.

Lucas (Season 3)

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