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Green Tank Top
Camo Pants
Sport Sunglasses
Dog Tags
Blonde Hair Dye
Military Style Belt
Raichu Plush
Combat Boots

Best Lt. Surge Costume Guide

Lt. Surge from Pokemon is the tall, muscular guy who was the League Gym Leader of Vermilion City known as Vermilion Gym. Ash Ketchum took a huge leap in challenging Lt. Surge to battle their Pokemon, which Lt. Surge found quite comical. Ash wanted that Thunder Badge that Lt. Surge gives to trainers that defeat him. Lt. Surge believes that Pokemon should be trained solely on strength, which makes sense if you look at how he is physically built! Get the look of the Lightning Lieutenant with this Lt. Surge costume guide.

Cosplay Lt. Surge’s military style with a Green Tank Top, Camo Pants with a Military Style Belt, and some Combat Boots to get his military look! Add some Dog Tags, a pair of Sport Sunglasses, and temporary Blonde Hair Dye to pull off Surge’s specific look. Don’t forget about his well-trained Pokemon with a Raichu Plush!

Lt. Surge Cosplay Costumes

Dressing as Lt. Surge from the Pokemon series for Halloween or cosplay is much like dressing up in a military uniform! He wears quite a bit of camouflage. You can get most of the items for his look by shopping at a military surplus store! Regardless of where you get the costume pieces, you’ll need a pair of camo pants, a green tank top, dog tags, a military belt, and combat boots. Don’t forget to wear a pair of sport sunglasses. If you don’t already have blonde hair dye you’ll need some hair dye from a costume shop. Then, add a Raichu plush doll that can be found at nearly any toy store.

You can recreate an epic Pokemon battle by having one of your friends dress as Ash Ketchum accompanied by a Pikachu doll. This will instantly transform Lt. Surge’s costume into a group outfit! You can also add in other fellow Pokemon characters like Brock and Misty or Jessie and James from Team Rocket.

Lt. Surge Costume Tips & FAQs

Prepare to electrify your cosplay experience with our Lt. Surge costume guide FAQ from the world of Pokémon. Known for his towering presence and commanding personality, this guide will help you recreate the iconic look of the Vermilion City Gym Leader, perfect for Pokémon enthusiasts and cosplayers alike.

Lt. Surge's outfit is a reflection of his military background and his role as a Gym Leader. It consists of a green army-style vest over a tight-fitting, short-sleeved black shirt, and camouflage pants. The vest is often adorned with various badges or insignia. He also wears tall black boots and a belt with a large, noticeable buckle. To complete the look, add fingerless gloves and a dog tag necklace.

Lt. Surge has a distinctive, blond crew cut hairstyle and a square jawline, which gives him a stern and commanding look. For the hair, you can use a blond wig cut to the appropriate length or style your own hair with strong-hold gel if it's the right color and length. He also has a clean-shaven face, so a fresh shave is key for men looking to cosplay as him.

Lt. Surge wears military-style black boots that rise to mid-calf. The boots are rugged and practical, with a slight sheen. Look for combat or tactical boots that have a sturdy appearance and can be polished to give a slight shine, which adds to the military aspect of his character.

Key accessories for a Lt. Surge costume include a set of dog tags to reflect his military background and a Poké Ball, which is essential for any Pokémon trainer. Additionally, having badges or military-style insignia on the vest can enhance the authenticity of the costume. You may also consider a prop representing an Electric-type Pokémon, like Pikachu or Raichu, as a nod to his specialty.

Incorporating some of Lt. Surge's quotes from the Pokémon series can add an extra layer of character to your cosplay. Here are a few notable ones: "Hey, kid! What do you think you're doing here? You won't live long in combat! That's for sure!," "I tell you, kid, electric Pokémon saved me during the war!," "You're a real shocker! Fine, take the Thunder Badge!," "My electric Pokémon are the real deal! Watch out for their thunderbolt attack!" and "Never before have I seen a trainer command Pokémon with more grace than I..." These quotes reflect Lt. Surge's confident, battle-hardened personality and his pride in his Electric-type Pokémon. Using these lines will bring a sense of authenticity and energy to your portrayal of this iconic Pokémon Gym Leader.

About Lt. Surge

It’s in season one when Lt. Surge first appears on the Pokemon series, and he is being challenged by Ash Ketchum to battle their Pokemon. While Surge focuses merely on strength and agility, Ash knows that the connection between the Pokemon and their trainer has a much larger impact on how the Pokemon performs. Fortunately for Lt. Surge, his Raichu completely took over Ash’s Pikachu and won the battle with hardly more than the blink of an eye.

Even though Surge is known for being a masterful trainer, Ash finally came back and defeated Surge in another battle which led to Ash ultimately receiving the Thunder Badge. A win is a win, and the arrogant Surge congratulated Ash in his victory!

Lt. Surge

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