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Best Lori Loud Costume Guide

Lori Loud is the oldest child appearing on Nickelodeon’s animated series, The Loud House. Being the oldest in a family of eleven children, Lori enjoys asserting her dominance over her siblings and telling them what to do. Of course, growing up with ten siblings means a household full of chaos and minimal privacy. For this reason, Lori is overly protective of her space and possessions and loudly yells at anyone who walks into her room without permission. While she may have a bossy, tough demeanor on most days, Lori always puts her family first and has a kind heart.

Get the look of the domineering Loud sibling with this Lori Loud costume guide. Cosplay Lori’s look by wearing a Blue Tank Top and Brown Shorts paired with Light Blue Shoes. Next, accessorize her look with some Pearl Earrings, Blue Eyeshadow, and a Blonde Wig. Finally, complete Lori’s outfit by adding a Blue Phone Case to Lori’s most prized possession, her cell phone.

Lori Loud Cosplay Costumes

Although Lori comes off as rude and quite evil, she takes her role as the oldest sibling very seriously. Being only seventeen-years-old, Lori has a temper and enjoys bossing her ten younger siblings around. She becomes frustrated at the responsibility of having to care for her siblings and becomes easily irritated and annoyed.

Now, you can cosplay Lori’s look from Nickelodeon’s The Loud House by wearing a blue tank top and brown shorts paired with a pair of light blue shoes. Add a pair of pearl earrings, swipe on some blue eyeshadow, and put on a gorgeous blonde wig (if you don’t have naturally blonde hair). Don’t forget to add a blue phone case to your cell phone to match Lori’s ubiquitous cell phone. Of course, you can’t dress up as the Loud family alone! Bring along your closest friends and dress as the entire family from Lori’s sisters Leni, Luan, and Luna to Lori’s one and only brother, Lincoln.

Lori Loud Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the animated world of “The Loud House” with our Lori Loud costume guide FAQ. Embrace the style of the eldest Loud sibling as we guide you through creating an authentic Lori Loud look, perfect for capturing the essence of this popular character from the hit TV show.

Lori Loud's signature outfit is simple yet distinctive. It includes a light blue, short-sleeved polo shirt, brown shorts, and blue slip-on shoes with white soles. Her look is completed with large hoop earrings, symbolizing her trendy and somewhat bossy personality.

Lori has long, blonde hair that she often wears down with a slight wave. To replicate her hairstyle, style your hair (or a wig) to have gentle waves and make sure it's at least shoulder-length. You can also add a small amount of volumizer to mimic her full-bodied hair.

For Lori's shorts, choose a pair of simple brown shorts that are comfortable and not too tight. They should be mid-thigh length. Her shoes are blue slip-ons with white soles, resembling casual loafers or canvas shoes. Ensure they are comfortable for walking, as Lori is often depicted as being active.

Essential accessories for a Lori Loud costume include large hoop earrings, which are a staple in her appearance. Additionally, carrying a smartphone or a mock phone, as Lori is often seen texting or talking on her phone, would add an authentic touch to the costume.

Including some of Lori's well-known quotes will add an extra layer of character to your costume. Memorable lines include: "Literally!," "I'm literally going to die of embarrassment!," "Get out of my room!" and "Whatever.!" These quotes capture Lori's dramatic and sometimes bossy demeanor, adding depth and fun to your portrayal of her character.

About Lori Loud

Being the oldest of eleven children, Lori can undoubtedly come off as bossy, condescending, and even downright rude. While she may have a bad temper, Lori prevents the house from turning into a pile of ashes by her siblings, and overall, will sacrifice anything for the sake of her family. Lori is caring and has a big heart and understands that her family is more important than any petty argument they may have. Even with a big heart, Lori is incredibly insecure, and her biggest fear is being without the people she loves. 

Being in such a large family, Lori is no stranger to sharing her possessions. However, the one item that is solely her own is her cell phone. With her phone, she mostly speaks to her boyfriend, Bobby, but occasionally texts with her friends. She is also overprotective of her phone because she fears wasting her phone data on anyone other than Bobby.

Lori Loud

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