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Best Lola Skumpy Costume Guide

Lola Ugfuglio Skumpy is a popular middle school girl in the 2018 Netflix Animated television series, Big Mouth. Despite being incredibly submissive to her best friend Devin, Lola is one of the meanest girls in school. She can often be seen making fun of other girls or even smashing some glass and threatening her peers to stay away from her friend. Though she enjoys the mean girl facade, she has many insecurities like any typical middle schooler. Now you can get the look of the loud and obnoxious middle school friend with this Lola Skumpy costume guide.

Cosplay Lola’s middle school girl looks by wearing her iconic Purple Cardigan, Purple Skirt, Magenta Shirt, White Ankle Socks, Pink Shoes, and Blonde Wig. Complete your look with a pink backpack, and be sure to find your Devin and never leave her side!

Lola Skumpy Cosplay Costumes

Though she loves to be obnoxious and rude, Lola Skumpy still suffers from many insecurities. Still upset over her parent’s divorce, Lola is often seen without a parental figure and often craves the attention of her parents and peers. Like many middle-school girls, Lola often hides her insecurities by being mean, annoying, and rude. Cosplay Lola’s look from Netflix’s Big Mouth with a beautiful long blonde wig. Dressed to impress the boys at school, Lola wears a magenta shirt under a lilac purple jacket with a matching purple skirt with pink ballet slippers and white socks. Finally, add similar pink pearl earrings and necklace to complete the middle-school, popular girl look.

But don’t walk the halls of middle school alone! Instead, bring your friends along to reignite the awkward and embarrassing moments as you cosplay with your best friend Devin, ex-boyfriend Andrew Glouberman, and classmates Nick Birch and Jessi Glaser. With a group this dysfunctional and awkward, you’ll be sure to laugh all night long.

Lola Skumpy Costume Tips & FAQs

Delve into the animated world of “Big Mouth” by embodying the character of Lola Skumpy, known for her distinct personality and unique style. This costume guide FAQ is designed to help you capture Lola’s essence, from her outspoken demeanor to her recognizable fashion sense, perfect for fans and cosplayers who appreciate her quirky character.

Lola Skumpy's outfit in "Big Mouth" is notable for its bold and unapologetic style. She typically wears a purple, pink, and white horizontally striped shirt, paired with light blue jeans. Her ensemble reflects her loud and confident personality. To complete the look, opt for comfortable, simple shoes like sneakers.

Lola's hair is one of her most distinctive features. It's a voluminous, curly blond style that frames her face dramatically. To achieve this look, you might use a curly blonde wig, or if your hair is naturally blond and curly, style it to maximize volume and define the curls.

Lola's accessories are minimal but characteristic. She often sports large, round earrings and a chunky wristwatch. These accessories are expressive of her bold personality and add to the overall authenticity of the costume.

Lola's makeup in "Big Mouth" is fairly simple and cartoonish. Focus on accentuating the eyes with eyeliner and perhaps exaggerated mascara to mimic her animated appearance. A bright or bold lip color can also help bring her character to life.

To truly embody Lola Skumpy, consider adopting some of her memorable quotes or mannerisms: "Lola Skumpy always makes an entrance!," "I'm not just loud, I'm Lola!," "You can't handle all this Lola!," "I'm the queen of comebacks, honey." and "Sassy, brassy, and a little bit bad-assy!" These quotes and characteristics capture Lola's over-the-top, sassy, and confident personality. Embracing her attitude and vocal style will add depth and authenticity to your portrayal of this distinctive character from "Big Mouth."

About Lola Skumpy

Lola Skumpy brings the insecure mean girl to TV in the 2018 Netflix animated series, Big Mouth. Created after Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg’s upbringing in New York, Lola Skumpy embodies Andrew’s ex-girlfriend, who is known for being loud and rude. She differs from the other girls in the show as she is taller than her peers and is the only female character to be voiced by a male, Nick Kroll. She hides behind her insecurities by lashing out at other girls except for her best friend Devin, who controls Lola’s actions and even convinces Lola to spread rumors about herself. 

Despite being her best friend, Devin often insults Lola. These insults further ignite her insecurities. However, this doesn’t deter Lola’s obsession with Devin as Lola craves attention to maintain her popularity at school. She would rather suffer the abuse from Devin than not be friends with her at all. 

Lola Skumpy

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