How to Dress Like Lois Griffin

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Wig Short Hair
Helmut Red Liptick
Round Beads Stud Earrings
Women's Long Sleeve Shirt
Womens Skinny Khaki Pants
Womens Ballerina Flats
Stewie Plush Doll

Best Lois Griffin Costume Guide

A long-suffering wife and mother, Lois Griffin from Fox’s animated series Family Guy is a fun and simple character to cosplay at your next convention. On the show, she is a husband Peter, and mother to three children: Meg, Chris, and Stewie. Lois is portrayed as a stereotypical television mother. Follow this costume guide and you’re only an annoying accent away from pulling off her unmistakeable style!

Wear a Women’s Long Sleeve Shirt over a pair of Women’s Skinny Khaki Pants. Then, pair up a low-key pair of Women’s Ballerina Flats. We accessorized Lois’ look with a Short Hair Wig, Helmut Red Lipstick, and Round Bead Stud Earrings. We also added a Stewie Plush Doll just for fun.

Lois Griffin Cosplay Costumes

Simple and effective are two words we would use to describe this cosplay. Lois’ look can be accomplished using clothing you most likely already have in your closet. A green, three-quarter sleeve shirt and a pair of khakis—that’s about it. If you happen to have purple flats, all the better, but any dark colored flats would suffice. Some basic green button earrings can be purchased, or if you’re near a crafting section, some stick on gems will work too.

If you happen to have red hair, you’re done, but if not, you can order a bobbed wig in her trademark red color to finish your look. Add a stuffed character if you’re cosplaying solo. For group cosplay, our first suggestion is the adorable lunatic Stewie. Other options are Peter, Meg, or Chris. Be sure to check out our featured cosplay pictures for even more ideas. Send in your pics as well to show us the look you put together!

Lois Griffin Costume Tips & FAQs

Embrace the quirky and humorous world of “Family Guy” with our costume guide for Lois Griffin, the witty and sometimes sarcastic matriarch of the Griffin family. Known for her distinctive voice, red hair, and her role as the voice of reason in her often chaotic household, Lois’s look is both iconic and simple, making it perfect for fans looking to capture her essence at cosplay events, themed parties, or for comedic performances. This guide will help you recreate Lois Griffin’s recognizable style, reflecting her blend of suburban mom and spirited individuality.

Lois Griffin's outfit is classic and straightforward, reflecting her role as a suburban mom. Key components include a green button-up shirt with short sleeves, khaki pants, and blue flats. Lois's look is completed with her bright red, shoulder-length hair styled in a simple, straight manner, and round pearl earrings.

Lois has shoulder-length red hair, usually styled straight with a slight flip at the ends. To achieve this look, use a red wig styled in a similar fashion, or dye and style your own hair to match her appearance. The hairstyle should be simple and neat.

Lois wears simple blue flat shoes. The shoes should be comfortable and practical, fitting her everyday suburban lifestyle. Any basic blue flats will work well for this costume.

Key accessories for a Lois Griffin costume include her round pearl earrings, adding a touch of elegance to her otherwise simple outfit. These are often the only jewelry she wears, keeping her look minimal and functional.

Lois Griffin is known for her quick wit and occasional sarcasm. Here are some memorable quotes: "Peter, why would they make you president?," "I swear, sometimes I feel like I'm married to a child.," "Oh, this is ridiculous. I'm your wife!," "You know, sometimes I think I should have married that guy from the accounting firm.," and "I'm not drunk, I'm just exhausted from a night of drinking." These quotes capture Lois's personality as the more rational counterpart to her husband, Peter, and her role as a mother in the often absurd world of "Family Guy."

About Lois Griffin

Lois Griffin from Fox’s animated series Family Guy has become synonymous for the typical American mom. She is overworked and greatly under appreciated. She has three children with husband Peter who daily tests her patience with his outlandish antics. She has a love-hate relationship with her children. Her youngest son Stewie works diligently to kill her but admittedly misses her when he needs something. Her daughter Meg lacks her mother’s grace and appeal.

Aside from being a mother, she is a singer, a supportive wife to Peter, and friend to Brian. In short, the Griffin household would be lost without her. She tactfully avoids feeding into Brian’s obsession with her and laughs off Peter’s attempts to single-handedly destroy the neighborhood. She comes from money, which makes her marriage to a former towel boy a point of contention with her father Carter Pewterschmidt. Despite her husband’s ongoing antics and her son’s death wishes, Lois still maintains her charm and characteristic nasal accent.

Lois Griffin

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