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How to Dress Like Logan

Salt and Pepper Beard
Men’s Classic Fit Dress Shirt
Men's Single Breasted Suit
Genuine Leather Belt
Squirt Blood
Men's Dress Shoes
Wolverine Claws
  1. Salt and Pepper Beard Check Price
  2. Classic Fit Dress Shirt Check Price
  3. Single Breasted Suit Check Price
  4. Genuine Leather Belt Check Price
  5. Squirt Blood Check Price
  6. Black Dress Shoes Check Price
  7. Wolverine Claws Check Price

Best Logan Costume Guide

Logan, known widely as the mutant Wolverine from Marvel comics, needs no introduction. He’s a member of both the X-Men and Avengers and one of the greatest anti-heroes of all time. There are two main features which define him: his Adamantium claws and his insane healing abilities. Get Logan’s cosplay look with this costume guide.

Dressing up like Logan is a class all of its own. You’re not dressing up like a superhero who’s going to save the world, you’re dressing up like a man who hates it, and everyone in it. First, you’ll need to look more manly with this excellent Salt And Pepper Beard. On top, wear a Single Breasted Suit and a classy Classic Fit Dress Shirt. Pull Logan’s dressed-up look together with a Genuine Leather Belt and Black Dress Shoes. The look won’t be complete until you put on the Wolverine Claws and cover your clothes with Squirt Blood. After all, it’s not a party folks; it’s real life.

About Logan

Who is Logan? Well, he’s a lot of things. To some, he’s no more than an object, crudely named Weapon X. For others he’s Wolverine, and even that doesn’t clearly explain who Logan is. Is he a deranged beast out to tear the world apart? Or is he a rebel trying to make the world a bit better in his way? That’s a question to ask Professor X.

Here is what we do know. Logan is a mutant of a beastly nature. He has adamantium claws which tear his skin every single time he needs them. He has regenerative abilities, allowing him to heal himself from the very worst of injuries. There is one thing nobody can cure, his emotional and mental state. Wolverine from a young age has found the world out against him. He’s been through countless wars, scientific experiments, and heartbreaks than you’d care to count. He’s not a war hero, but he is the ultimate survivor.


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