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Best Lloyd Christmas Costume Guide

Don’t go all the way to Aspen with Harry Dunne to dress up for your next costume party. You can wear the same look as Lloyd Christmas, played by Jim Carrey, from the hit comedy Dumb and Dumber. Get the look with a Lloyd Christmas Wig, Lloyd Christmas Tuxedo Costume, Orange Tuxedo Shoes, and an Orange Color Cane. Last, but not least, fix up that chipped tooth like Lloyd’s with Tooth F-X.

Lloyd Christmas Cosplay Costumes

Grab a friend who can dress up as Harry Dunne while you suit up as Lloyd Christmas in his eccentric outfit and you’ll be sure to be a hit wherever you two go. Maybe you and your friend can always take a trip to Aspen to return a briefcase or two while you’re still dressed up. We’d love to see pictures of your costume to see just how creative you can be!

Lloyd is played by Jim Carrey and happens to be the leader of the rather dull-witted duo. During his job as a limousine driver, he stumbles across a briefcase from one of his customers, Mary and it’s up to him and Harry to return it.

The things you’ll need for this costume are a Lloyd Christmas wig, a Lloyd tuxedo costume, an orange color cane, a pair of fake crooked teeth and orange tuxedo shoes.

About Lloyd Christmas

Lloyd was born in 1970 but his mother being uncaring of her child just abandoned him outside a church so she could party. Lloyd had many irritating traits about him because of stupidity and so he was tossed from caretaker to caretaker before landing in the hands of the high school janitor, Ray. It was under his care while Lloyd went to school that he ended up meeting his best friend, Harry Dunne.

Lloyd eventually lands a job as a limousine driver and one day picks up a woman by the name of Mary Swanson and takes her to the airport. She leaves a briefcase in the limousine and Lloyd thinking she left it behind tries to return it but it’s too late as the plane has already left. With the help of his best friend, Harry, they venture to Aspen to look for Mary and return the briefcase.

Lloyd Christmas

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