How to Dress Like Liv Moore

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Lab Coat
Burgundy Zip Up Sweatshirt
Heather Grey Shirt
White Hair Wig
Grey Leggings
White Zombie Make Up
Blue and White Socks
Protective Eye-wear
Fake Brain
Brown Boots

Best Liv Moore Costume Guide

The name Olivia “Liv” Moore is kind of ironic since she’s a zombie, right?! As an overachieving medical resident, she was scratched by Blaine DeBeers while at a boat party and woke up a zombie. As a result, Liv must feed on human brains at least once a month to survive. On the iZombie television series, she takes a job at the King County Medical Examiner’s Office in order to have access to the brains she needs to survive. Played by actress Rose McIver, Liv helps the Seattle Police Department solve the murders of the murders of the victim’s brains she eats. Get the look of the zombie medical doctor with this Liv Moore costume guide.

Cosplay Liv’s look with a few layers and a crazy wig! Start out with a White Hair Wig and White Zombie Makeup. Liv is the palest around, so cake that stuff on! She typically wears a Heather Grey T-Shirt underneath a Burgundy Zip Up Sweatshirt and her white Lab Coat. She doesn’t wear bright clothing, so a pair of Grey Leggings, Blue and White Socks, and a pair of Brown Boots will do to match her look. Oh, and don’t forget some Protective Eye Wear to keep those brains out of your eyes!

Liv Moore Cosplay Costumes

The television show iZombie is the newest rage, along with energy drink Max Rager, that feeds more into our zombie fetish! Dr. Liv Moore’s costume is muted and quirky. Get dressed up as if you belong at King County Medical Examiner’s Office with a white wig, some white zombie makeup, and a lab coat with matching protective eyewear. For the rest of Liv Moore’s typical clothing, you can check out a thrift store, your favorite local retail store, or even search online! Something like a basic grey t-shirt, burgundy zip-up hoodie, socks, and brown boots to recreate Liv’s not-so-lively look!

Liv doesn’t get much done without the help of her sidekicks! Bring along your own friends to dress as Dr. Ravi, Major Lilywhite, Peyton, Detective Babineaux, or even Blaine DeBeers. With a full group cosplay, you’re sure to wake the dead at your next cosplay event! We want to see a picture of your Liv cosplay. Send along a picture to be featured in the costume gallery!

Liv Moore Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the intriguing and unique world of Liv Moore from the “iZombie” television series with our detailed costume guide FAQ. As a medical resident turned zombie, Liv’s style is a blend of her professional background and the gothic, edgy look associated with her new undead status. This guide will help you capture both Liv’s practicality and her newfound zombie persona, making for a compelling and distinctive cosplay.

Liv Moore's outfit typically includes a pale, almost white wig to represent her hair turned white post-zombification, a lab coat since she works in a morgue, and red or black clothing underneath. She often wears dark jeans and comfortable shoes suitable for her job. Liv's style is functional yet stylish, reflecting her need to blend in while embracing her zombie identity.

Liv's zombie look is characterized by pale, almost white skin, dark circles under her eyes, and occasionally scratches or wounds indicative of her undead status. Use a light foundation or face paint to achieve her pale complexion. Accentuate under-eye areas with dark makeup to create a sunken-eye effect. You can add fake scratches or wounds with makeup or prosthetics for a more dramatic zombie appearance.

Essential accessories for Liv Moore include her medical examiner's ID badge, often clipped to her lab coat. Additionally, she is known for her pale, zombie-like eyes, which can be replicated using light-colored contact lenses. Occasionally, Liv also wears a stethoscope around her neck, reinforcing her medical background.

Liv's hair is one of her most distinctive features post-zombification. It's short, choppy, and platinum blonde, almost white. If your hair isn't similar, consider using a pale, platinum blonde wig styled in a messy, choppy bob. This hairstyle reflects her transformation and the changes she undergoes throughout the series.

To enhance your Liv Moore cosplay, consider incorporating some of her memorable quotes and traits. Liv often has a sarcastic and witty sense of humor, which is evident in her dialogue. Some notable lines include: "I'm already dead. What's the worst that could happen?," "I'm a zombie, not a unicorn.," "In case you haven't noticed, I'm a zombie. Settling is what we do.," "I can't be around people and have them not know I'm not like them." and "Brains do have side effects." These quotes and traits capture Liv's struggle with her identity as a zombie and her dark humor, making them perfect for bringing depth to your portrayal of her character.

About Liv Moore

Olivia “Liv” Moore wasn’t always a zombie. She was working as a medical resident in a local hospital and reluctantly went to a boat party with one of her friends. That was a really bad choice because the entire party broke out into a zombie feeding frenzy that turned the party goers into zombies! Liv was scratched by Blaine DeBeers, who was infected and was turned into a zombie too.

Since she has to feed on brains quite frequently to stay alive, Liv decided to work in the King County Medical Examiner’s Office. On the show iZombie, she feeds on the dead brains while working. At the morgue, she works with Dr. Ravi who becomes one of her closest friends. They come across the realization that when Liv eats brains, she acquires the deceased’s personality and visions of their life before they went to the other side. Now, Liv helps Detective Babineaux of the Seattle Police Department solve murders as she has an inside view that no one else has!

Liv Moore

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