How to Dress Like Liu Kang

Liu Kang Costume Guide
Shoulder Length Wig
Headband Sweatband
Kung Fu Sashes
Arm Bracers
Combat Karate Pants
Ninja Shoes

Best Liu Kang Halloween Costume Guide

Only die-hard fans know of Liu Kang. He’s among the 10 original characters that debuted in the first ever Mortal Kombat game. He comes from Earthrealm as a highly skilled warrior who defeats every other fighter imaginable. After all, there’s a reason why he’s the undisputed 4-time Grand Champion of Mortal Kombat in the first four tournaments. Get the look with this Liu Kang costume guide.

Cosplay Liu Kang because his costume is awesome! Here’s what you’ll be wearing to dress like him. Start with the highly comfortable black Combat Karate Pants. Next, hold them up with a Kung Fu Sash of your choice. Arm yourself with Arm Bracers and Headband Sweatband. Complete the cosplay with a pair of Ninja Shoes. Now, you’re ready for to fight!

Liu Kang Cosplay Costumes

Ever wish you were a highly-skilled, deadly warrior that could beat up the next guy? That’s a bit extreme but by dressing up as Liu Kang from the popular video game Mortal Kombat, your wish might just be granted. But here’s the thing. There can never be enough warriors to protect your loved one. So why not recruit some other like minded people for your next group cosplay? Bring your boyfriend, girlfriend and all other friends and dress up to form the biggest warrior alliance ever to exist.

Your friends can dress up as other equally deadly fighters from Mortal Kombat like Raiden, Scorpion, and Kurtis Stryker. But why stop there? Pick a character from Street Fighter, Tekken or other fighting games of your choice. Take a look at the other video game costume guides if you want even more inspiration! Submit a picture of your Liu Kang to be featured in the cosplay gallery with others!

About Liu Kang

If you’re a fan of Kung Fu style games and want to dress up as an extremely powerful warrior, then Liu Kang is for you! Liu Kang is one of the original and most powerful fighters in the Mortal Kombat video games. He is one of Earthrealm’s greatest warriors with an appearance similar to Bruce Lee. His arch-rival is the evil Shang Tsung, who is the typical sorcerer that is a backstabbing, traitor.

He began as a violence hating hero who fought back just enough to defeat his opponents. In the first Mortal Kombat game, Liu Kang did not finish his opponents with gruesome fatalities. As the series progressed, his moves and fatalities became more and more gruesome. The point is, he’s more of a bad boy than you might think. If that’s something you find to your liking, you’ve found the perfect character to cosplay!

Liu Kang

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