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Little Mac Costume Guide
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Best Little Mac Costume Guide

Little Mac is one of the best, yet highly underrated, heroes of the Nintendo universe. He’s one of the main protagonists in the Punch Out!! series and one of the youngest characters ever, at just 17-years-old. He has a great fan base of loyal followers. All of his power is in his fists, which he uses to the fullest extent, without showing any mercy to his boxing opponents. Though he may be called “Little Mac,” he packs a solid punch, defeating enemies who are twice his size.

Little Mac means business and his costume is simple and to the point. Just like any dedicated boxer out of Bronx trying to make it to the big time, he means business when he steps inside the ring. Get Little Mac’s look with this complete costume guide by wearing a stylish Man Short Wig, Basic Tank Top, a pair of Green Boxing Bag Gloves, Training Shorts, and pair of Boxing Shoes.

Little Mac Cosplay Costumes

Little Mac is a young, but talented boxer. So, it’s pretty easy to dress up like him and it won’t take a lot of time. First, go get yourself a simple sleeveless tank top in black. You might already have one, but if not, you get one almost anywhere. As for the boxing gloves and running shorts, this is where things get a bit complex. Little Mac’s shorts and boxing gloves are both the same color, and you’ll want to find a matching pair. Little Mac wears a signature lime green color. And as for his shoes, they are simple black boxing shoes with white laces which are common among many boxers.

Dressing up like Little Mac will look equally great on females as well. It’s a quick and easy costume, yet you can be sure you’ll it will be a unique look. For double the fun, you can have a partner or a best friend dress up like Doc Louis, Little Mac’s coach and mentor!

About Little Mac

Little Mac’s life begins and ends with boxing. While other characters may have superhuman speed or lasers shooting out of their hands, Little Mac’s only super power are his fists. He uses them to take down opponents with more sophisticated powers. He’s a 17-year-old kid from the Bronx and is trained by his patient and lovable coach, Doc Louis.

Little Mac spends most of his time training, and with what little time he has left, he can be found punching his enemies into a pulp. He wants to be the best boxer in the world, and he probably is, beating even Mike Tyson himself in Punch Out!!. What makes him so unique is while other Nintendo characters are part of a fantasy, Little Mac represents ordinary humans. And with only his fists, he’s out there taking out much more powerful opponents. He makes a terrific underdog to cosplay.

Little Mac

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