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Lisa Simpson Costume Wig
Gold Play Saxophone
Big White Chunky Necklace
TAG Yellow Face Paints
Red Strapless Flare Sun Dress
Yellow 2nd Skin Supersuit
Red Mary Jane Patent Flats

Best Lisa Simpson Costume Guide

Get the costume to look like Lisa Simpson, the daughter of Homer and Marge and middle sister to Bart and Maggie on the TV show The Simpsons. She plays the baritone sax and is known for being the most intelligent of the family. Dress up like Lisa with a Yellow 2nd Skin Supersuit, TAG Yellow Face Paints, Lisa Simpson Costume Wig, Red Strapless Flare Sun Dress, and a pair of Red Mary Jane Patent Flats. Add a Big White Chunky Necklace and Gold Play Saxophone to match the animated eight-year-old.

Lisa Simpson Cosplay Costumes

Considered the most intelligent member of the family, Lisa is the daughter and middle child to Homer and Marge. She’s known for playing her baritone sax and being the voice of reason for her family on the popular television show, The Simpson. Lisa would be a great costume to dress up as if you want to go as a group with your family. While you’re dressed up as Lisa, they can go as Homer or Marge and if you decide to do a group costume, we’d love to see photos of what you come up with so we can feature them on our site!

The things that you’ll need to pull together a Lisa costume are a Lisa Simpson costume wig, a saxophone, a white chunky necklace, yellow face paint, red strapless sundress, yellow skin super suit and red Mary Jane flats.

Lisa Simpson Costume Tips & FAQs

Embrace the intelligent and compassionate spirit of Lisa Simpson from “The Simpsons” with our detailed costume guide FAQ. Ideal for fans of the show, this guide will help you recreate Lisa’s iconic look, capturing her unique blend of youthful simplicity and thoughtful personality.

Lisa Simpson's outfit is simple yet recognizable. The main components include a short-sleeve, strapless red dress and a large, white pearl necklace. She wears plain, red, flat shoes. To truly embody Lisa, her characteristic spiky yellow hair is essential, along with her saxophone, reflecting her love for music.

Lisa's hair is one of her most iconic features. It's styled in spiky points that represent her hair. A yellow beanie or cap modified with spikes can replicate this look, or you can opt for a custom-made wig designed to mimic Lisa's hairstyle. The color should be a bright, cartoonish yellow.

Lisa wears simple, red, flat shoes. Any basic red flats will work well. The key is to keep them plain and comfortable, in line with her youthful and active character.

An important accessory for a Lisa Simpson costume is her white pearl necklace. This can be easily replicated with a string of large, white, round beads. Another iconic prop is a toy saxophone, representing Lisa's passion for jazz music and her musical talent.

To enhance your portrayal, here are some memorable Lisa Simpson quotes: "I will not be a stooge!," "If anyone wants me, I'll be in my room.," "Bart, just because I don't care doesn't mean I don't understand!," "I guess to a kid, adulthood is like a faraway land. When you get there, it's nothing like the brochure." and "Why does everything I whip leave me?" These quotes capture Lisa's intelligent, sensitive, and sometimes sardonic character, along with her emotional depth and wisdom beyond her years.

About Lisa Simpson

While Lisa may be very intelligent, she never uses her wits to come across as better than someone else unless it’s in certain situations of sibling rivalry. Lisa always keeps her saxophone close to her as it is one of her defining character traits and she plays this saxophone wherever she happens to feel down in order to express herself. She also isn’t the most popular person there is but she’s rarely bothered by popularity. While she’s not a complete loner, she is a bit of a social outcast for the most part.
You can always count on Lisa for being the voice of reason in the majority of the situations. When it comes to her father and brother, they always seem to be getting into trouble no matter where they go and so sometimes it’s up to Lisa to diffuse the situation or to be the one to stop it before it gets too big.

Lisa Simpson

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