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Bald Cap
Black Yarn
Blue Blanket
Red Stripe Shirt
Red Ankle Socks
Black Shorts
Brown Casual Shoes

Best Linus van Pelt Costume Guide

Linus Van Pelt is a character from the popular Charles M. Schulz’s comic strip, Peanuts. He is the brother of Lucy van Pelt and is the best friend of Charlie Brown. He is known for his eccentric beliefs such as the Great Pumpkin, his security blanket, and doing weird things like sucking his thumbs. He is quite philosophical and intelligent (except for the Great Pumpkin). Dress up like Linus Van Pelt with this costume guide.

Get the look of Linus Van Pelt by wearing a Bald Cap (unless you’re already bald). Use the Black Yarn to make a closer match to Linus’ hairstyle. Wear a Red Stripe Shirt and Black Shorts for his famous outfit. Finally, wear a pair of Red Ankle Socks and Brown Casual Shoes to complete his costume. And yes, don’t forget your trusty Blue Blanket for security and peace of mind!

Linus van Pelt Cosplay Costumes

For a kid, Linus Van Pelt is highly intelligent and philosophical. He can be overheard quoting the Gospels. The only two reasons he is mocked in the Peanuts comics strip is due to his dependence on his security blanket and his firm belief in the Great Pumpkin. His eccentricities, therefore, make him a very likable character to cosplay because everyone is a bit weird.

Don’t cosplay Linus Van Pelt alone. Grab hold of your friends and ask them to dress up as their own favorite Peanuts characters. They can dress up as Marcie, Pigpen, Charlie Brown, Peppermint Patty or Snoopy. Or you guys can go one step further and dress up as other comic strip book characters like Archie and Garfield. Costume Wall has lots of different costume guides for cosplay inspiration. Oh, and don’t forget to submit a picture of you Linus costume when you’re finally all dressed up!

Linus van Pelt Costume Tips & FAQs

Embrace the charming and thoughtful world of Linus Van Pelt from Charles M. Schulz’s beloved “Peanuts” comic strip with our detailed costume guide FAQ. Linus, known for his philosophical insights and his ever-present security blanket, is a character that embodies both innocence and wisdom. This section is dedicated to helping you capture Linus’s classic look, focusing on his simple yet iconic outfit and, of course, his famous blue blanket.

Linus's costume is wonderfully simple and iconic. Key elements include a red and black striped shirt, black shorts, and brown shoes with white socks. The most crucial and recognizable part of Linus's costume is his blue security blanket, which he is rarely seen without. Carrying a blue blanket will instantly identify you as Linus.

Linus has a very short, simple hairstyle that's easy to replicate. His hair is typically shown as a few small, curved lines on top of his head, indicating very short, light brown or blond hair. A closely cropped wig or a light application of hair gel to style your own hair in a similar fashion would work well.

Linus's shirt is a classic red-and-black striped tee, long-sleeved and simple. It's a common style and should be easy to find in children's clothing stores if not in adult sizes. His shorts are plain black and quite basic - any comfortable pair of black shorts will do.

Linus's security blanket is a plain, light blue blanket. It doesn't have any specific patterns or decorations. Any light blue, soft, and medium-sized blanket that can be easily carried around will serve the purpose. The blanket should look well-loved but not overly tattered.

Linus is known for his philosophical outlook and insightful observations. Some memorable lines that reflect his character include: "I guess it's wrong always to be worrying about tomorrow. Maybe we should think only about today.," "There's no heavier burden than a great potential!," "Happiness is a warm blanket." and "I love mankind; it’s people I can’t stand!." Portraying Linus with a thoughtful demeanor, often pondering or sharing insights, while clutching his blue blanket, will add authenticity to your costume.

About Linus van Pelt

Linus Van Pelt first appeared in the Peanuts comic strips created by Charles M. Schulz in September 1952. He is the best friend of the main character Charlie Brown, to whom he imparts great advice when listening about his friend’s insecurities. He is also the crush of Charlie Brown’s smaller sister, Sally. What makes Linus such a unique character is his incredible wisdom combined with childish tendencies. For example, he doesn’t believe in Santa Claus but believes The Great Pumpkin—a fictional character he believes will rise up on Halloween to give gifts to the good children.

His most notable trait is his always present security blanket that he is always seen with. When without it, Linus gets very distressed. Charlie’s dog, Snoopy, loves to tease Linus by trying to steal his blanket. But Snoopy never does succeed. He also has a troublesome relationship with his sister Lucy, by whom he gets bullied by a lot. Though Linus has weird idiosyncrasies that cause him to be mocked by others, he doesn’t care.

Linus van Pelt

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