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Linkle is one of the female playable characters in the Hyrule Warriors Legends, a spinoff game playable on Nintendo 3DS. This game combines the worlds of two other game series, the Dynasty Warriors series and The Legend of Zelda series. Before Linkle became a warrior, she was a simple young woman living in a small village. She served as a shepherd of Cuccos (recurring animal characters in The Legend of Zelda series). Since childhood, Linkle believes she is the reincarnated hero in virtue of the Compass that her grandmother gave to her. When she heard that a demon was attacking the Hyrule Castle, she journeyed to the kingdom intending to save it.

Dress up like the cute Hylian warrior with this Linkle costume guide! To look like the female likeness of Link, get a Linkle Costume, Blonde Wig, Linkle Compass, and a pair of Brown Boots. Arm yourself with our Toy Crossbows to complete the look.

Linkle Cosplay Costumes

Linkle is a slender girl with blue eyes and blond hair that is tied into two braids on the side of her face. She wears a green cloak over a white shirt and a short orange skirt. Her accessories include a necklace and a compass hanging around her neck. She wears brown gloves and her feet are covered with a pair of brown thigh-high boots. Her main weapon is a dual crossbow that she sheaths in her brown boots. Aside from normal arrows, Linkle’s crossbows can also fire Bomb Arrows. Her character develops a secondary weapon, lightning-infused winged boots. These shoes give her the ability to do powerful kicks and summon her Cuccos, who can also help her during a fight.

In addition to the costume pieces needed from Linkle cosplay, you can wear contacts to match Linkle’s natural blue-eye color and a blonde wig to match her hair color. You should get a friend to accompany you dressed up as Link, the two of you could then look like matching Nintendo warriors for a [Halloween] costume party.

Linkle Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the vibrant world of “Hyrule Warriors Legends” with our costume guide FAQ for Linkle, the spirited and adventurous heroine known for her unique take on the classic Legend of Zelda series. Linkle’s costume, embodying a mix of a traditional hero’s garb and her own distinct style, offers a fresh and exciting cosplay opportunity. This guide aims to help you recreate Linkle’s look accurately, ensuring your transformation captures her energetic and hopeful essence.

Linkle's costume features a green hooded cape with a Hylian crest, a white blouse underneath, a black corset, and green shorts. Her outfit is accessorized with brown thigh-high boots, a pair of compasses attached to her boots, brown fingerless gloves, and twin crossbows as her weapons of choice. The ensemble captures her readiness for adventure and her connection to the Zelda universe.

For Linkle's cape, start with a green fabric that matches the color seen in-game. Add the Hylian crest by either sewing it on with a patch or painting it directly onto the fabric. The white blouse can be simple and sleeveless, tucked into black shorts. Create or modify a black corset to wear over the blouse. The boots can be any brown thigh-high boots, with DIY compasses crafted from craft foam or lightweight plastic attached to them.

Accurately portraying Linkle includes focusing on her twin crossbows, which can be made from wood, foam, or any lightweight material for ease of carrying. Add details like belts and buckles across the boots and gloves to match her adventurous look. Her blonde hair, styled in two braids with a fringe, is also key to achieving her distinctive appearance.

Linkle has a fresh, youthful look, so opt for minimal makeup with a focus on a soft, natural appearance. Emphasize your eyes gently to bring out the character's lively expression. Style your hair (or a wig) in long braids that hang down your back, with a fringe that mirrors Linkle's hairstyle in the game.

While Linkle doesn't have many direct quotes due to the nature of the game's storytelling, embodying her character can be achieved through portraying her unwavering belief in her own destiny and her cheerful determination. You can embody her spirit by adopting an optimistic and heroic stance, ready to face challenges head-on, mimicking her resolve to prove herself as a true hero of Hyrule.

About Linkle

Linkle looks so much like Link, the game’s main protagonist. She was initially designed to be his female version or sibling. Just like Link, Linkle possesses a heroic spirit and a courageous heart. But unlike him, Linkle strongly believes that being a hero is her destiny, as opposed to Link who was initially unsure of his role. Also, Linkle is much more talkative, while Link is traditionally the silent protagonist.

Her grandmother gave her the magic compass that she wears around her neck. This compass has been passed through her family for generations. This made her believe that her true destiny was to become a hero. The motivated Linkle to set out on a journey to Hyrule Castle because she desired to rescue it from the Dark Forces. Before she embarked on her quest to become a hero, Linkle was a great shepherd of Cuccos. The same Cuccos grew fond of her and protective of her. They even follow her to battle where she summons them with her winged boots.


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