How to Dress Like Lieutenant Colonel Preston Packard

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Mesh Fabric
Aviator Sunglasses
Boonie Hat
Weather Shooting Gloves
Aviation Patch
Vietnam Fatigue Shirt
Spring Air Pistol
Military Surplus Pistol Belt
Winchester Model Air Rifle
Vietnam Fatigue Pants
Military Motorcycle High Top Combat Boots
Shoulder Holster

Best Preston Packard Costume Guide

If you’re looking for a great option to cosplay Samuel L. Jackson at a convention, his role in Kong: Skull Island as Lt. Col. Preston Packard is a great option. He is a veteran soldier and leads the military group into Skull Island. After the majority of his expedition is killed, Kong eventually kills Packard, ending his wrath of Skull Island. Follow this costume guide to get the same look as Lt. Col. Packard.

To cosplay Lt. Col. Packard’s soldier look from the movie, start with a Boonie Hat and a piece of Mesh Fabric to cover your head. Grab a sleek pair of Aviator Sunglasses for the hot sun. Wear a Vietnam Fatigue Shirt with a pair of Vietnam Fatigue Pants paired them with rugged Military High Top Combat Boots. To match his clothing, you should add an Aviation Patch to Fatigue Shirt and put on a pair of Weather Shooting Glove! Accessorize the costume with a Military Surplus Pistol Belt to hold a Spring Air Pistol in addition to a Shoulder Holster and Winchester Model Air Rifle.

Preston Packard Cosplay Costumes

Lt. Col. Preston Packard has the typical military look that is easy to cosplay. Solid colored fatigues can easily be found online or at any Army Surplus Store. His hat, boots, and mesh cloth can be found at a similar place. Add a pair of mirrored aviator sunglasses and a couple of faux weapons to complete Packard’s look. To match your look a bit closer, order an Aviation patch to iron onto your fatigue shirt.

Group Cosplay is fairly easy. You can choose any one of his Sky Devils or other main characters from the movie like Hank Marlow or Bill Randa. Other options from the movie Kong: Skull Island are James Conrad and Mason Weaver. If you’re looking for more costume ideas, check out the hundreds of other movie costume guides on Costume Wall. Submit your pictures so we can post your best Lt. Col. Packard look!

Preston Packard Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the world of military bravado and unyielding determination with our costume guide FAQ for Lieutenant Colonel Preston Packard from “Kong: Skull Island.” This guide is designed to help you embody the rugged and authoritative essence of this character, played by Samuel L. Jackson. We’ll cover the key components of his military outfit and how to effectively replicate his commanding presence.

Lieutenant Colonel Preston Packard's outfit is a classic military ensemble reflective of the Vietnam War era. It primarily consists of a green military fatigue shirt with appropriate rank insignia, matching fatigue pants, and a utility belt. The outfit is completed with a pair of combat boots, dog tags, and a green beret or a patrol cap with unit insignia.

Choose a vintage-style olive green military fatigue shirt and pants, ensuring they have a slightly worn look to reflect the rugged nature of his mission. Attach a Lieutenant Colonel rank insignia to the collar and include unit patches on the shirt. The clothes should be well-fitted but comfortable enough to suggest readiness for action.

Essential accessories include a green beret or patrol cap with unit insignia, a pair of aviator sunglasses, and a utility belt with pouches. Additionally, wear a set of dog tags around your neck and a wristwatch with a black or olive green strap to complete the military appearance.

Lieutenant Colonel Packard has a closely cropped, military-style haircut and a stern, authoritative facial expression. Keep your hair neat and short, and practice a commanding, intense gaze, often characterized by Samuel L. Jackson's portrayal.

Incorporating quotes from Lieutenant Colonel Preston Packard can add authenticity to your costume. Some impactful lines include: "We're going to bring the fight to Kong.," "This is one war we're not going to lose.," "I am the cavalry.," "You are going to tell me everything I don't know, or I'm gonna blow your head off." and "Man is king of this world, not some damn monkey." These quotes reflect Lieutenant Colonel Packard's intense military mindset, his determination in the face of the unknown, and his relentless pursuit of dominance over Kong, adding depth to your character portrayal.

About Preston Packard

Lt. Col. Preston Packard is a seasoned veteran of war in the movie Kong: Skull Island. He is the leader of the elite Sky Devils helicopter squadron. He most likely lost his mind on the killing fields of Vietnam, but he knows his stuff and is loyal to his men. Chosen to explore an island in the South Pacific, Packard loses men when Kong attacks their helicopters. It was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Vengeful and consumed with rage, Packard was determined to avenge his men’s lives. He became more and more delusional, laser focused on doing what he felt was just. Arrogant and psychotic, he wasn’t able to be persuaded from his course of action.Packard’s ultimate demise came when he made up his mind to destroy Kong with a suicide bomb. Tragically, before he could carry out his plan, he was smashed into the ground and killed by the murderous ape.

Preston Packard

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