How to Dress Like Lex Murphy

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Purple Baseball Cap
Blonde Braided Pony Tail Wig
Purple Paisley Tank Top
Silver Dessert Spoon
Levi's Straight Cut Jeans
Lime Jello
Dirt Makeup
Brown Hiking Boots

Best Lex Murphy Costume Guide

Lex Murphy was one of the first teenage girls in an action film that we were really rooting for. She made her appearance on the Jurassic Park film in 1993 and was the character in the same novel that came out in 1990. For those of you who didn’t read the novel, it’s like you saw her in the film and gasped every time she barely escaped the grasp of violent dinosaurs.

Get Lex’s look with a Purple Baseball Cap, a Blonde Braided Pony Tail Wig, Purple Paisley Tank Top, Levi’s Straight Cut Jeans, Brown Hiking Boots, and the accessories: a Silver Dessert Spoon, Lime Jello, and Dirt Makeup. Lex is always prepared to dig for fossils and any kind of dinosaur encounter!

Lex Murphy Cosplay Costumes

Lex is one of those character you forget you love until you go back and watch Jurassic Park. Now that you’re going to dress as her character for your next cosplay night, you need all of the essential pieces to make the best Lex Murphy costume possible. We have all of that covered for you- all you have to do is put the pieces together and you’ll be ready to go!

To recreate Lex’s look you’ll want a purple baseball cap and a blonde wig to braid in a side ponytail. Lex isn’t the girliest girl we’ve ever seen, so you’ll want to get some dirt makeup and rub it on your face. For your shirt, grab a purple paisley shirt and add some straight cut jeans. Most of the time Lex is digging in the dirt, so you don’t need anything too fancy. Don’t forget brown work boots and some lime jello! She is carrying that snack and a spoon around with her at all times! Check out some of our pictures if you need a few more ideas, and make sure to send us a picture of your Lex recreation when you have it Jurassic Park ready!

Lex Murphy Costume Tips & FAQs

Revisit the thrilling world of “Jurassic Park” with our costume guide for Lex Murphy, the intelligent and resourceful granddaughter of John Hammond in the 1993 film. Portrayed by Ariana Richards, Lex’s outfit is a perfect representation of early ’90s youth fashion, combined with practicality for an adventure among dinosaurs. This guide will help you replicate her iconic look, ideal for movie-themed events, cosplay, or any fan gathering.

Lex Murphy's outfit in "Jurassic Park" is functional and reflective of early '90s style. Essential components include a purple baseball cap, a denim button-up shirt, and a pink t-shirt underneath. She wears high-waisted khaki shorts and a pair of white and teal sneakers. This outfit combines practicality for a day at the park with the casual style of a young teenager.

Lex has shoulder-length, curly, light brown or blonde hair. To achieve her look, style your hair to be voluminous and slightly unruly, reflecting the adventurous and tense situations she finds herself in. If your hair isn't similar, a curly wig of the appropriate length and color can be used.

Lex wears a pair of white and teal sneakers in the film. They're typical of early '90s footwear – comfortable and practical for a day of adventure. Any similar pair of white sneakers with teal or light blue accents will work well.

A key accessory for Lex's costume is her purple baseball cap, which she wears throughout much of the film. Additionally, consider carrying a prop like a pair of binoculars or a toy dinosaur, reflecting the adventurous and unexpected nature of her visit to Jurassic Park.

Sure! Lex has several memorable lines that showcase her intelligence, bravery, and reactions to the dinosaurs. Here are a few: "He left us! He left us!," "I'm a hacker. That's what I said: I'm a hacker.," "I happen to be a vegetarian.," "This is a UNIX system! I know this!" and "Timmy, what is it? It's a Velociraptor." These lines capture Lex's character – a tech-savvy, brave young girl thrown into extraordinary circumstances, making them great for enhancing your portrayal.

About Lex Murphy

Lex Murphy is the granddaughter of John Hammond, the man who created Jurassic Park. Lex thought she would go on an adventure to see dinosaurs in a safe proximity, but she had no idea the wild ride that was in store for her and her brother, Tim. Lex’s character was really challenged when she was put in the face of danger and protecting her younger brother from dangerous dinosaurs. She stepped up and did everything she needed to do to make sure that she and Tim made is home safely.

Lex was courageous and intelligent throughout the entire movie. She outsmarted the velociraptors and stayed brave as she kept her brother out of harm’s reach. We all loved to watch her integrity throughout the film, and she quickly became one of our favorite characters in the Jurassic Park film. Even though we loved to watch the violent dinosaurs, we couldn’t help hoping Lex made it out alive!

Lex Murphy

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