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Leorio Paradinight Costume Guide
Blue Suit
Round Framed Glasses
Black Dress Shoes
Solid Teal Tie
White Shirt

Best Leorio Paradinight Costume Guide

Leorio Paradinight is a fictional character in the popular Hunter x Hunter manga and anime series created by Yoshihiro Togashi. Leorio is a rookie Hunter, who uses the codename “Boar” as a member of The Zodiacs. He appears older than his young years (he is only 19 at the beginning of the series), but he is a very serious character who is focusing on becoming a doctor.

While he is presented as very materialistic and motivated by money, there is another side to his pursuit of wealth. For Leorio, his desire for financial success is really only to further his medical studies so that he can help those who cannot afford expensive medical treatments.

If you want to transform into this Leorio Paradinight, you’ll need a Blue Suit, White Shirt, Solid Teal Tie, Round Framed Glasses, and Black Dress Shoes.

Leorio Paradinight Cosplay Costumes

Hunter x Hunter is considered by some to be one of the greatest manga/anime series of all time. If that’s not enough reason for fans of the show to enjoy dressing as your favorite characters, then we don’t know what is! The best thing is, getting Leorio’s look isn’t even too difficult. He’s a well-dressed character, but his costume consists of items that are fairly easily obtainable. This is one for the true anime fans, so if you attend your next event as Leorio Paradinight, you’re in for plenty of respect from fellow enthusiasts!

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About Leorio Paradinight

Leorio Paradinight is a rookie Hunter on the hugely popular Japanese manga and anime series Hunter x Hunter. He begins the series aged 19, however other characters often ridicule him for looking much older than he is. This may partly be due to his snappy dress sense, as he is rarely seen without his familiar blue suit.

As a boy, he witnessed a close friend die as a result of illness, and Leorio has felt a sense of guilt ever since. His friend’s illness was curable. However, they could not afford the expensive surgery he needed. Since then, he has been dedicated to becoming a doctor so he can help the poor who aren’t able to afford treatments – just like his old friend.

Becoming a doctor is expensive though, so Leorio is very financially motivated. It is the main reason for him taking the Hunter exams, to begin with. However, many people view his pursuit of wealth as a selfish and materialistic quality without knowing his whole story.

Leorio Paradinight

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