How to Dress Like Leone “Léon” Montana

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White Thermal Shirt
Black Pants
Black Trench Coat
Knitted Beanie
Round Sunglasses
Toy Gun
Black Dress Shoes

Best Leone "Léon" Montana Halloween Costume Guide

Leone “Leon” Montana is the main protagonist in the popular 1994 film, The Professional. Leon is played by Jean Reno in the Luc Besson directed thriller. Leon is an Italian hitman who lives a lonely life in New York City where he works for a mob boss named Tony. When he meets 12-year-old Mathilda, who lives in his building (the film debut of Natalie Portman), he becomes embroiled in a series of events which sees Mathilda’s entire family murdered by crooked DEA agents.

He takes Mathilda under his wing and ultimately rescues her when she fails in a plan to kill the lead agent, Norman Stansfield, who killed her family. He grows to think of Mathilda as family and goes on to sacrifice himself to give her the revenge she always wanted. To cosplay the look of Léon the hitman, you’ll need a White Thermal Shirt, Black Pants, Black Trench Coat, Suspenders, Knitted Beanie, Black Dress Shoes, Round Sunglasses, and a Toy Gun.

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