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Men's Short Sleeve Crew Tee
Full Zip-up Track Top Jacket
Windproof Warm Pant
Men's Dress Socks
Vans Classic Slip On

Best Legion (David Haller) Costume Guide

The Marvel Comic character, Legion, also known as David Charles Haller the mutant son of Professor Charles Xavier has opened up a wide selection of cosplay possibilities. The various looks are due to his severe mental illness splintering his personality into hundreds of personas, but who are we to judge? Follow this costume guide for just one of some options to dress like this Marvel character look at your next convention!

Begin with a Men’s Short Sleeve Tee worn beneath a Zip-up Track Top Jacket. Next, wear a pair of Windproof Warm Pants. To cap off the look, choose some comfy Men’s Dress Socks, paired with Vans Classic Slip On shoes.

Legion (David Haller) Cosplay Costumes

Legion has hundreds of different personalities each with distinct looks and names. So, when you’re cosplaying this character, keep in mind that there is quite literally a look for everyone. You can go for persona #3, Jack Wayne. Wear a dark flak jacket and pants with a black turtleneck. Include a stick-on mustache from a local costume shop to complete the look.

On the flip-side, you can go as Susan in the sunshine and put on an overall pink dress and a white t-shirt. The t-shirt is easy enough to find, but you may need to order the overall dress. Put your hair into two ponytails and complete the look with a stuffed doll for another version of Legion. With a simple sumo costume and you can add The Origamist to the list as well! Check out the featured pics for more style ideas. Send us your pics to show us your best Legion look!

Legion (David Haller) Costume Tips & FAQs

Embrace the complex and multifaceted world of David Charles Haller, known as Legion, from Marvel Comics. As the son of Charles Xavier, Legion is a powerful mutant with multiple personalities, each possessing different powers. His appearance in the comics is distinct and reflects his unpredictable and fragmented psyche, making it an intriguing choice for cosplay enthusiasts and comic book fans.

Legion's outfit in the comics varies but often reflects his chaotic nature. A key element is his hair, which is wildly spiked and often depicted as tall and white or light-colored. His clothing is usually casual and disheveled, reflecting his unstable mental state. Outfits can include mismatched and layered pieces like a long-sleeve shirt under a t-shirt, loose-fitting trousers, and sometimes a jacket or coat. The colors and styles may vary, but they often have a thrown-together look.

Legion's most distinctive feature is his hair. It is wildly spiked, standing tall and defying gravity. To replicate this, use a wig styled into high, stiff spikes. Ample amounts of strong-hold hair gel or hairspray will be necessary to maintain the height and shape of the spikes.

Legion's footwear is often simple and practical. Dark boots or casual shoes, such as sneakers, are appropriate. The key is to choose shoes that match the haphazard nature of his overall attire.

Given Legion's multiple personalities and powers, props can vary. However, accessories should be minimal to keep the focus on his distinctive hair and disheveled clothing. If choosing to represent a specific personality, select a prop that aligns with that persona's powers or characteristics.

Legion's character is complex, often displaying different traits with each personality. Here are some quotes to consider: "I am Legion, for we are many." and "My mind is my greatest strength... and my greatest curse.," These traits and lines capture the essence of Legion's multifaceted and powerful character, making them effective for enhancing your portrayal.

About Legion (David Haller)

Marvel Comic character, David Charles Haller, or more widely known as Legion, has quite the pedigree as the mutant son of Professor Charles Xavier. Unknown to his father until his late teens, it was the awakening of Legion’s power that led to him finally meeting Professor X. Legion’s strength was so great that he was able to absorb and utilize the power of any mutant he encounters.

This immense intake of power put Legion in a catatonic state. After Legion had allowed his power to be absorbed, Professor X was able to manipulate his powers and personas to release the catatonic hold on him. This ability makes Legion the most powerful mutant, but it comes at a price. Though he may have the use of various persona’s powers, each personality controls their power, leaving Legion with little control. And by taking on the personality traits of everyone he becomes, Legion is nearly impossible to stop.

Legion (David Haller)

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