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The Fifth Element is a 1997 sci-fi movie, starring Bruce Willis and Milla Jovovich, set in a futuristic world of 2263. A flying taxi driver, who used to be part of the special forces, runs into a powerful humanoid named Leeloo. She is the only one who can save the earth from an impending doom because she is the last piece of a powerful weapon. 

Leeloo is a Supreme Being of the universe. She has enhanced durability, learning, agility, reflexes, as well as superhuman strength, regenerative healing, and elemental channeling. Due to her fast reflexes and quick learning, she’s very skilled in hand to hand combat. If you want the look of Leeloo, you’ll want a Leeloo Orange Harness Costume, Women’s Fifth Dimension Costume, Black Boots, Toy Gun, and a Multipass Replica.


Leeloo Cosplay Costumes

In The Fifth Element, Leeloo was created in a laboratory. Well, her human form, at least. When discovered, she is given clothes to pass as a human. Unfortunately for you, you’re not going to be as inconspicuous as she could be! Leeloo’s outfit is cool to try out if you’re in the mood to try out something a little different.

The Orange Harness Costume is what will sell the look. Without it, the costume will look like a pretty typical nineties outfit. Pair the overall cosplay with a bright orange wig, and you’ll be ready to take down some bad guys! You’ll need some help if you’re going to make it through alive, so make sure Korben Dallas is close by your side! We’d love to see how your Leeloo costume turns out, so submit a photo and description into our Halloween Costume Contest!


Leeloo Costume Tips & FAQs

Transform yourself into the iconic Leeloo from “The Fifth Element” with our detailed costume guide FAQ. Leeloo, portrayed memorably by Milla Jovovich, is a central character known for her distinctive and futuristic appearance. This guide will help you recreate her look for cosplay events, themed parties, or film fan gatherings.

Leeloo's most iconic outfit is her white bandage-style costume, consisting of strategically placed white fabric strips or a bodysuit that imitates this design. She also wears a pair of white boots. Leeloo's bright orange hair, styled in a choppy bob, is another crucial aspect of her character's look.

To replicate Leeloo's hairstyle, consider a short, choppy bob wig in a vibrant orange color. If you're willing to commit to the look, you could even cut and dye your own hair. The key is the brightness of the orange and the edgy, uneven cut of the bob.

Leeloo's makeup is relatively simple but distinctive. She has a pale complexion with minimal makeup, bright orange eyebrows to match her hair, and a subtle, natural lip color. Her most striking feature is her bright blue eyes, so blue contact lenses could be used to emulate this.

While Leeloo's outfit is minimalistic, you can enhance the costume with a prop Multipass, which she uses as identification in the film. Additionally, toy replicas of the futuristic weapons she handles, like a Zorg ZF-1, can add authenticity to your costume.

Including quotes from Leeloo can add depth to your portrayal. Some memorable lines include: "Multipass!," "Leeloo Dallas Multipass.," "Big bada boom!," "Me fifth element - supreme being. Me protect you." and "Wind blows, fire burns, water falls." These quotes capture Leeloo's unique way of speaking and her role as the Fifth Element, making them perfect for enhancing your costume experience.

About Leeloo

Leeloo is a fictional character played by Milla Jovovich from the cult classic movie, The Fifth Element. The story begins in 1914 when a race of aliens arrive in an Egyptian temple to collect four elemental stones and a sarcophagus that contains the fifth element in human form. Together, these elements create a weapon that defeats the Great Evil that returns every five years. Many years later, the aliens are returning the elements when they come under attack and nothing, but the right arm of the Supreme Being surfaces. Earth’s scientists use the DNA from the arm to create a new body for the Supreme Being—this is Leeloo.

Leeloo escapes the lab to find herself working with a former special forces taxi driver. They’re on a ticking clock to find the remaining elements before the Great Evil arrive. Since she’s not of this earth, she has enhanced abilities that make her even stronger and faster than most humans. 


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