How to Dress Like Leela

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White Tank Top
Grey Boots
Black Leggings
Purple Hair Wig
Plastic Googly Eye
Nibbler Plush
White Sleeping Mask
Pink Lipstick
Wrist Wrap
Toy Blaster

Best Leela Costume Guide

Leela, whose full name is Turanga Leela, is a character on the long-running animated series, Futurama. Born an ordinary sewer mutant, Leela’s parents gave her up to the Cookieville Minimum Security Orphanarium with a note containing mysterious scribbles. This was to convince the Orphanarium and Leela’s adoptive parents that she was actually an alien. This would give her a far better life than her sewer mutant parents could provide. On the show, Leela is the spaceship captain, pilot, and head of aviation. She is also the on-and-off girlfriend of Futurama’s main character, Philip J. Fry. Get the look of the fake alien pilot with this Leela costume guide.

Cosplay Leela’s captain looks by dressing up in a Purple Hair Wig, White Tank Top, Black Leggings, and Grey Boots. Grab a Toy Blaster for protection, wrap around a Wrist Wrap to mimic the LoJack-a-mater, and have Nibbler close by with this Plush. Get Leesa’s look as close as possible with Pink Lipstick and a White Sleeping Mask with a Plastic Googly Eye attached.

Leela Cosplay Costumes

Leela’s background as an orphan and her apparent lack of belonging helped to form her character and personality. Even though she is can be headstrong and confident in most areas of her life, she often feels self-conscious about her appearance, especially the fact that she only has one eye. At one point, she even underwent surgery to have two eyes. But she later had this reversed. In her hope to find another member of her race, she gets tricked by a shapeshifter who pretended to be a cyclops. Leela’s look is pretty basic as she is found wearing a basic tank, pants, and boots. Dye your hair purple and create her mutant cyclops look with an eye mask and craft googly eye.

Don’t fly your ship solo! Make sure you have the other Futurama characters on board. Send out a signal to your friends and have them cosplay along with you as Philip J. Fry, Dr. Zoidberg, Hubert J. Farnsworth, and even Zapp Brannigan.

Leela Costume Tips & FAQs

Transform into Turanga Leela, the one-eyed, strong-willed captain from the animated series “Futurama.” Our detailed costume guide FAQ is tailored to help you embody Leela’s distinct and bold look. Discover how to assemble a Leela costume that captures her unique style and embodies her character’s fierce independence and leadership qualities.

Leela's signature outfit is both simple and iconic. It consists of a white tank top, black pants with a light grey waistband, and black boots. The most distinctive feature, however, is her singular large eye, which defines her character's appearance. She also has a wrist device and a purple ponytail.

To create Leela's single eye, you can use a large, round, flesh-colored patch that covers both eyes with a single large eye drawn or painted on it. For safety and convenience, you could also opt to wear a headband with a large mock eye attached above your own eyes, allowing for visibility.

Leela wears plain black boots with a slight heel. They are practical and sturdy, fitting her role as a spaceship captain. The boots should reach just below the knee and can be any comfortable, black, heeled boot.

Yes, Leela's wrist device, or "wristlojackimator," is an important accessory. You can create this using a wide black wristband or cuff and adding buttons and dials made from craft materials. Don't forget to style your hair (or a wig) in a high ponytail, dyed purple to match Leela's distinctive hair color.

To embody Leela's character, adopt a confident and assertive posture. She is often seen with her hands on her hips, exuding a sense of authority and readiness. You might also mimic her often sarcastic or exasperated facial expressions, reflecting her no-nonsense attitude and dry wit.

About Leela

Leela is also known to be a devoted environmentalist and animal-lover as seen many times on Futurama. One time Leela defied the orders of Zapp Brannigan in order to save an unintelligent animal named Nibbler, which she later adopts as a pet. Later in the television series, it is revealed that Nibbler isn’t just an ordinary pet. It turns out Nibbler is a highly intelligent leader of an ancient race called the Nibblonians.

Apart from her environmentalism and mysterious origin story, a major part of Leela’s character on the show is her relationship with the main character, Philip J. Fry. Earlier in the series, Leela dismisses and denies the romantic advances of Fry, noting that she may be endeared by his boyish charm but not his childishness. At some point, however, Leela finally realizes that she actually harbors deep feelings for Fry and admits this to him at the end of the film, Futurama: Into the Wild Green Yonder.


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