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Best LED Stickman Figure Costume Guide

“The world’s brightest LED light up stick figure suit.” This is what the brand Glowy Zoey claims. While we don’t have the means to fact-check this for sure, it does seem as though that Glowy Zoey is the first and pioneer in LED light-up stick figure suits. This idea was thought up by a kind and thoughtful dad named Royce Hutain who was brainstorming ideas for his daughter Zoey’s first ever Halloween costume. She was two years old at the time. Little Zoey loved being a light-up stick figure that her dad just had to capture it on camera and share it to his friends online. Little did he know that this would actually one day become a full-fledged business. Get the look of the illuminated stick figure with this Glowy Zoey costume guide.

If you can’t afford an original Glowy Zoey, you can make the suit at home with a black t-shirt, a black hooded sweatshirt, fleece pants, black sneakers, a light-up stick figure costume set, and some double-sided tape.

LED Stickman Figure Cosplay Costumes

When Royce Hutain took footage of his then two-year-old daughter Zoey in the light-up stick figure suit and shared it on social media, he didn’t expect that it would become so popular as to attract the likes of Good Morning America and Jimmy Kimmel. From them on, little Zoey became Glowy Zoey – a viral sensation across the United States and the inspiration for what is now a thriving costume business of the same name. People really liked the idea of the Glowy Zoey suits because they were fun, unique, and new. So much so that just a couple of days after posting about it online, Royce already got over 1,000 emails inquiring about the suits. This was even before he went on Good Morning America.

Going as light-up stick figures is even more fun when you do it as a group. Go in different colors with your family or friends.

LED Stickman Figure Costume Tips & FAQs

Illuminate your costume experience with our guide to creating an LED Stickman Figure, famously known as Glowy Zoey. This guide will assist you in crafting a vibrant and eye-catching costume that lights up, making you resemble a walking stick figure made entirely of light, perfect for standing out in the dark.

To create a Glowy Zoey costume, you'll need a set of bright LED strip lights or LED rope lights. Choose lights that are battery-operated for ease of movement. You will also need a black bodysuit or black clothing (long-sleeve shirt and pants) as the base of your costume. The LEDs will be attached to this base.

Lay out your black bodysuit or clothing and plan the placement of the LED lights to resemble a stick figure (a line down the torso for the body, lines along the arms and legs for limbs, and a circle for the head). You can use strong tape or fabric glue to attach the lights to the clothing. Make sure the battery pack is in a convenient and discreet location.

Choose LED lights that are bright enough to be seen in the dark and have a steady glow. LEDs with a waterproof coating are preferable as they are more durable. Also, consider LED lights with different modes, like blinking or different colors, for added fun.

Ensure that all wires and battery packs are securely attached and insulated to prevent any electrical hazards. Also, make sure the lights do not restrict movement or vision, especially if you plan to wear the costume to a public event.

To enhance your Glowy Zoey costume, you could: Incorporate colored LED lights for a more dynamic look,Add LED lights to a pair of glasses or a hat for the head portion of the stick figure,Use a remote control to change the LED light settings for a more interactive experience,If in a group, coordinate with others to create a multi-colored LED stick figure display,This LED Stickman Figure costume is not only fun and unique but also highly visible, making it a great choice for nighttime events, parties, and festivals. With its bright lights and simple design, you're sure to stand out in any crowd.

About LED Stickman Figure

Royce’s knowledge on how to make a light-up stick figure costume was mostly from experience making light-up snowboarding suits. This ensured from the onset that his eventual Glowy Zoey suits would be high in quality. Royce made LED suits that would survive sub-freezing temperatures and the wear and tear of someone as active as a snowboarder. Of course, his normal customers who wanted ordinary Glowy Zoey suits didn’t exactly fit the same context. However, his background in making them for snowboarders did make for high-quality suits that will last for years with just normal usage. Royce is proud to say that his costumes aren’t cheap quality.

Now, his Glowy Zoey business sells everything you might need for your light-up stick figure costume. They sell suits for both adults and children, in a host of different colors you can choose from. You can also buy rechargeable battery packs, masks, LED eyes, LED ears, controllers, clothing, and replacement parts.

LED Stickman Figure

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