How to Dress Like Launch

Female TV Shows Anime
Crop Tank Top
Headband Hair Tie Bow
Long Curly Wavy Wig
Women's Denim Shorts
Women's Socks
Women's Leather Belt
Lady's Finger Half Gloves
Converse Unisex Shoes
Uzi Style Gun
Fat Laces

Best Launch Costume Guide

The Japanese Anime television series, Dragon Ball Z, has gifted the world with excellent characters to follow and cosplay. In a neat twist, the character Launch is two cosplays in one! Go down this costume guide to see how to pull off the evil version of Launch. Continue reading the cosplay description below, and you can also see how to cosplay her good counterpart.

For the evil version of Launch, begin with a Crop Tank Top, a Headband Hair Tie, and a Long Curly Wavy Wig. Then, slip into a snug pair of Women’s Denim Shorts with a Women’s Leather Belt. Wrap up the outfit by wearing Women’s Socks and Converse Unisex Shoes with Fat Laces. All you’ll need to complete the cosplay is a pair of Half-Finger Gloves and an Uzi Style Gun.

Launch Cosplay Costumes

Now, we’ll show you how to pull off good Launch’s look. Funny enough, Launch switches between the good and evil persona by sneezing. When good, Launch wears a similar cropped top except in green. This shirt is easily purchased online or at a department store. She wears the same red headband that can be purchased in most stores as a hair accessory. Find long socks in the same shade of green as her top to bunch up above her shoes.

One big difference in appearance is that good Launch has blue hair unlike the blonde hair of her evil version. Group cosplay is a no-brainer for this character. Find a friend that can go as Launch’s other persona! You can also choose from the seemingly endless list of Dragon Ball Z characters and add Master Roshi, Goku, or Krillin. Be sure to check out our favorite featured pics for even more style ideas. We welcome your pics as well! Show us your best Launch looks, both good and bad!

Launch Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the dynamic world of “Dragon Ball Z” with our costume guide for Launch, the character known for her unique split personality. Launch transforms from a polite, blue-haired woman to a fierce, blonde-haired bandit when she sneezes. This guide covers both of her distinct looks, offering fans a chance to bring to life one of the series’ most intriguing characters at cosplay events, themed parties, or any fan gatherings.

In her gentle form, Launch wears a long-sleeve, knee-length, green Chinese-style dress with yellow edges and a yellow sash around the waist. She pairs this with simple white socks and black shoes. Her blue hair is styled in a bob cut, which is a key part of this persona.

For Launch's polite form, style your hair (or a wig) in a blue bob cut. The hair should be neatly styled to frame the face, capturing her gentle and friendly demeanor. If you don't have blue hair, a blue wig in this style will work perfectly.

In her aggressive form, Launch's outfit consists of a red tank top and green cargo pants, accompanied by a belt with a large gold buckle. She also wears brown fingerless gloves and brown boots. Her blonde hair, styled longer and messier than her blue-haired form, is crucial to this look.

For Launch's aggressive persona, style your hair (or a wig) to be blonde and more disheveled, reflecting her wild and unruly nature. Include props like a toy machine gun or pistol to embody her bandit character. Remember to comply with event safety rules regarding props.

Launch is known for her distinct change in demeanor between her two forms. Here are some quotes that reflect her dual personality: "Oh, I'm so sorry, are you okay?," "Get out of my way, or I'll blast you!," "I'm not afraid of anyone!," "Would you like some tea?," and "Nobody messes with me and gets away with it!." These quotes highlight the stark contrast between her kind-hearted and aggressive sides, making them perfect for enhancing your portrayal of Launch's unique character.

About Launch

Dragon Ball Z’s Launch is a woman with two very powerful personas—one good and the other evil. While her good persona has the outer appearance of blue hair and blue eyes, Launch acts innocent, pure, and thoughtful. She has similar character traits to Dr. Briefs daughter, Bulma. Good Launch has a sensitive nose that becomes easily irritated by things like pepper, dust, or pollen. By sneezing, she is forced to become her alter ego, evil Launch.

Launch in her aggressive state looks nothing like good Launch. Her hair becomes blonde, and her eyes turn green. Her clothing is nearly the identical. Armed with a machine gun, her friends are genuinely afraid of her bad side. It’s obvious that she lacks self-control. In her evil state, she is dangerous, arrogant, and harsh. Her transformations come in handy during tournaments when she can quickly remove a crowd with her machine gun. In the end, she learns to control her emotions, which allows her to feel tenderness for both personas.


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