How to Dress Like Laughing Jack

Male Pop Culture
Black Turtleneck (Cut-off bottom)
Striped Black and White Shirt
Pinstripe Pants
Striped Socks
Laughing Jack Mask
Werewolf Claws
Faux Fur Collar
Black Suspenders
White Bandages
Black Shoes

Best Laughing Jack Costume Guide

Laughing Jack is a character from the internet based Creepypasta of the same name. He has mixed origins as both a clown type of character and also a supernatural being, and his victims are almost always children. To say the least, Laughing Jack is a nasty piece of work who preys on children by first making their parents think he is merely an imaginary friend. His methods of killing his victims often involve disemboweling and replacing their insides with candy.

He is typified as a kind of gothic jester, with long hair, black and white clothing and a swirly cone-shaped nose. If you want to transform yourself into this frightening child-killer from your nightmares, you’ll need a Laughing Jack Mask, Black Suspenders, Striped Black and White Shirt, Black Shoes, Faux Fur Collar, Pinstripe Pants, Striped Socks, White Bandages, Werewolf Claws and a Black Turtleneck (Cut-off Bottom).

Laughing Jack Cosplay Costumes

Laughing Jack started as a simple story – a Creepypasta which was shared around the internet by people trying to scare each other. Since that first story where he sliced open a family dog and filled its stomach with candy, going on to murder a small child he had befriended, Laughing Jack has spread like wildfire through the internet. He shows up in various forms of media now, as most popular Creepypasta characters do.

With such popularity, you’re bound to be recognized as Laughing Jack, but maybe you have some friends who want to join in the cosplay fun because they love Creepypastas as much as you do. If that’s the case, point them in the direction of our costume guides for other stars like the Slender Man and Ticcy-Toby. Also don’t forget our Halloween Costume Contest, your scary version of Laughing Jack could be a winner!

Laughing Jack Costume Tips & FAQs

Dive into the eerie and captivating world of Laughing Jack, a character from the realm of creepypasta. Our comprehensive costume guide FAQ will assist you in embodying this sinister yet intriguing figure. Discover how to recreate Laughing Jack’s unique appearance and bring his haunting persona to life.

Laughing Jack's costume is known for its striking black and white color scheme. Key elements include a striped black and white shirt and pants, a large, ruffled collar, and pointed, conical shoes. His look is completed with claw-like gloves and a mischievously sinister, elongated nose.

Laughing Jack's makeup is a vital part of his appearance. Use white face paint as a base, then add black around the eyes and mouth to create a contrasting, eerie effect. Exaggerate the smile with black paint, and don't forget to paint the elongated, clown-like nose.

Laughing Jack is often depicted with wild, unkempt black hair that adds to his chaotic nature. You can use a wig styled in a messy manner to achieve this look. Additionally, Laughing Jack is known for wearing a tall, striped cone hat, which is an essential part of his costume.

Absolutely! You can make DIY accessories like his cone hat using cardboard, painted in black and white stripes. For his claw-like gloves, you can modify black gloves by attaching elongated, pointed tips made from craft foam or similar materials.

Laughing Jack is characterized by his sinister laugh and unpredictable, menacing behavior. Quotes are less specific as he originates from a creepypasta story, but embodying his mischievous and malevolent nature is key. Practice a chilling laugh and unpredictable movements to capture the essence of Laughing Jack in your cosplay.

About Laughing Jack

Laughing Jack first hit the internet Creepypasta scene in 2017 when his story was posted online and quickly found its way being shared throughout the internet. His story is a ghoulish one – this freaky jester type character with long black hair, fur coat, bandaged arms, and soulless black eyes targets vulnerable children. In his original story, he reveals himself as a friendly character to a young boy, James. His mother thinks James has an imaginary friend, but things turn nasty when their family dog is disemboweled with candy replacing his insides. The same candy James was found eating earlier.

The story ends with James being nailed to a wall, also sliced open in horrific fashion, and his mother is convicted of his murder, with Laughing Jack getting away with the crime. Like most Creepypasta characters, his image has shown up all over the internet in videos, different stories, and even games.

Laughing Jack

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