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Best Lapis Lazuli Costume Guide

Lapis Lazuli the Gem from the Cartoon Network television show Steven Universe has magical abilities such as shapeshifting, bubbling, fusion, super strength, and regeneration. Her own personal strengths include strong willpower and hydrokinesis—the power to manipulate and control water. She also has powerful wings that can be used underwater, which further shows her strength. Her appearance reflects her color scheme which is a beautiful royal blue. Even her wings, eyes, and magical gem are blue.

Lapis Lazul’s costume consists of a Blue Costume Party Wig, a Women’s V-Neck Sleeveless Dress, Royal Blue Solid Satin Ribbon, Classic Face Paint, and Fairy Wings. The combination of all of these items creates the cosplay look of the former Homeworld Gem. After being healed by Steven Universe, Lapis Lazul’s color palette completely changed its tone and the color of her skin changed to a deep sky blue. She now resides on earth with Peridot.

Lapis Lazuli Cosplay Costumes

Dressing as magical creatures is always a little bit more fun for cosplay than regular human costumes. The magical Gems fro Steven Universe are exotic and have beautiful colors in their appearance. Lapis Lazuli has an aura of blue surrounding her. Her hair, eyes, wings, and clothing are all a royal blue color. Her costume can be recreated by choosing the items we have listed for you.

Being recreating Lapis Lazuli’s cosplay outfit with a blue costume party wig, a women’s v-neck sleeveless dress, royal blue solid satin ribbon, classic face paint, and fairy wings. Once you put all of the items together and paint your body the color of Lapis, you will feel like a fantastical creature from the world of Steven Universe. Grab a few of your friends to dress as other Homeworld Gems and you will have transitioned this solo costume into a group cosplay costume!

Lapis Lazuli Costume Tips & FAQs

Dive into the magical world of “Steven Universe” with our Lapis Lazuli costume guide FAQ. This section will guide you through capturing the essence of Lapis Lazuli’s ethereal and enchanting appearance, perfect for fans who wish to embody this beloved character.

Lapis Lazuli's look is characterized by its simplicity and elegance. The primary components include a sleeveless, blue knee-length dress with a V-neck and a triangular cut at the bottom, and a mirror-like gem on her back. The dress should be in shades of blue to mimic her water-based powers and sky associations.

Lapis Lazuli has short, bobbed blue hair with bangs that frame her face. For makeup, focus on a light blue eyeshadow to match her hair and dress, and keep the rest of the makeup minimal to maintain her natural look.

Lapis Lazuli is usually seen barefoot, which aligns with her free-spirited and natural character. If going barefoot isn't practical, opt for simple blue or skin-colored flat shoes that blend in and don’t draw attention away from the costume.

The most important accessory for a Lapis Lazuli costume is her gem, which should be positioned on the back, resembling her character in the show. You can create this gem using blue reflective paper or a shiny fabric. Additionally, blue wings made from light fabric or paper can be added to mimic her ability to fly.

Lapis Lazuli's character is known for her powerful emotional expressions. Memorable quotes include: "I'm Lapis Lazuli, and you can't keep me trapped here anymore!," "I never asked to be made!" and "Do you even wonder who you are?." To enhance your costume, you might also mimic her actions, such as her graceful flying or her ability to control water, which are significant aspects of her character.

About Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a Homeworld Gem on the television show Steven Universe. Gems have special, magical talents such as extreme physical strength, weapon summoning, fusion, the ability to store powers in their gems, and they can use their gems as a flashlight in times of need. Lapis Lazuli is one of the only Gems that cannot summon a weapon. Lapis was imprisoned inside a magical mirror for thousands of years. When she finally convinced her captor to release her, she decided to stay located on Earth.

Lapis is kind and means well, but on many occasions she can be vindictive and cruel. She is not one that you would want on your bad side. She eventually realizes that being nice and doing good for others is much more satisfying and gets you further in your journey. One of Lapis’s personal strengths is her willpower. Even though she has been damaged, she still manages to accomplish so much just by believing in herself.

Lapis Lazuli

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