How to Dress Like Lana Kane

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Women's Turtleneck Mini Dress
Stainless Steel Hoops Earrings
Hidden Shoulder Holster
Women's Floral Belt
Dual Spring Airsoft Gun
Women's Knee High Boots

Best Lana Kane Costume Guide

Sexy ISIS agent from the popular FX hit series Archer, Lana Kane is not only skilled and entertaining in her role, but she also makes for a great cosplay character. She’s the girlfriend and the mother of Sterling Malory Archer’s child, the star of the show. Follow this cosplay guide to get Lana Kane’s distinct look, and you’ll be sure to grab everyone’s attention.

Pick up a Women’s Turtleneck Mini Dress cinched at the waist with a Women’s Floral Belt. A sleek pair of Women’s Knee High Boots will complete the clothing portion of her outfit. Accessorize the look with Stainless Steel Hoops Earrings, a Hidden Shoulder Holster, and a Dual Spring Airsoft Gun.

Lana Kane Cosplay Costumes

Archer series stunner, Lana Kane is on the short list of sexy cosplay characters fun to emulate. The great part is that you won’t have to look in the costume aisle for her killer outfit. Though her slinky dress can be purchased online, we suggest trying it on in person at a local department store, to ensure a perfect fit. Any wide belt will suffice; it’s the dress that’s going to draw all the attention.

Pair your outfit with some stylish knee-high black boots and accessorize with some large hoop earrings. Her gun and holster can be picked up online or at any local costume shop. For group cosplay, boyfriend and baby daddy Sterling Archer, is always an option, as well as Barry Dylan or Woodhouse. Be sure to check out our featured pics for more style ideas and send in your own pictures and show us what you come up with!

Lana Kane Costume Tips & FAQs

Dive into the world of espionage and humor with our Lana Kane costume guide FAQ from the animated series “Archer.” Known for her sharp wit, professional prowess, and distinctive style, Lana is a standout character in the world of animated spy comedy. This FAQ will guide you through replicating Lana Kane’s iconic look, perfect for cosplay events, comic conventions, or themed parties.

Lana Kane's signature outfit is both sleek and functional, reflecting her role as a top spy. It consists of a white long-sleeve turtleneck sweater, a tight black mini skirt, and thigh-high black boots with stiletto heels. Her attire is practical for her spy missions while also emphasizing her strong and stylish character.

Lana Kane sports a full, voluminous afro hairstyle that's a crucial part of her character design. To achieve this look, you can use a large afro wig in a dark brown or black color. Ensure the wig is styled to have a rounded, well-maintained appearance, true to Lana's always impeccable look.

Lana Kane's makeup is characterized by its bold and professional appearance. Focus on strong, arched eyebrows, smoky eyeshadow, and thick eyelashes to recreate her intense gaze. A nude or light pink lipstick and a subtle blush will complete the look, keeping the focus on the eyes.

Apart from her clothing and makeup, Lana is often seen with a gun, as she's rarely without a weapon on her missions. For a costume, a toy or replica gun can be used to emphasize her role as a spy. Additionally, Lana wears large hoop earrings, which are an essential accessory for her character.

Lana Kane is known for her quick wit and often sarcastic remarks. Including some of her memorable quotes can add an authentic and humorous touch to your cosplay. Some of her notable lines include: "Yuuup!," "Nope.," "I am literally going to kill him.," "Do you not see me rocking this turtleneck?" and "What is it, the Alabama of Europe?" These quotes reflect Lana's strong personality, her impatience with Archer's antics, and her sense of humor, making your portrayal more engaging and true to the character.

About Lana Kane

Hoping to one day be a master spy, Archer’s Lana Kane is driven by her desire for success. Most likely stemming from being the child of college professors, she is over-achiever but highly insecure. A forceful leftist, her opinions are often at odds with those of her position. Starting off as a hot-tempered protester, she lands her first job as an ISIS Agent after Malory Archer put a gun to her head trying to disperse the other protesters, and Lana didn’t flinch.

After ending another long-term relationship with Archer, when she catches him cheating on her for the seemingly hundredth time, Lana and Archer still harbor love between them, and it makes it impossible for one to live without the other for very long. After getting back together once again, Lana finally tells Archer about their daughter Abbiejean. She hoped they could start a life and a family together. Regardless of her natural beauty, Lana is insecure about her looks. She also has difficulty maintaining a relationship but blames it on the times she’s dated Arch.

Lana Kane

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