How to Dress Like Lagertha

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Best Lagertha Costume Guide

Lagertha, played by Katheryn Winnick, is a fierce shield-maiden, who fights alongside the Norse warrior men in the hit television show Vikings on The History Channel. The former devoted wife to King Ragnar Lothbrok married another after losing their second child. Join the Viking warriors with a Brocade Steampunk Overbust Corset, Long Sleeve V-neck Slim Fit T-shirt, Vintage Blue Maxi Side Split Skirt, Hue Women’s Ultra Suede Leggings, 2 Piece Faux Chain Mail Hooded Dress. Don’t leave for battle without the complete costume that includes Squires Leather Bracers Armour, Medieval Ring Belt for Women, Vybe Women’s Lauren Slouch Boot, Lagertha Viking Custom Shield, and Norse Legacy Viking Foam Sword. Last, but not least, match Lagertha’s hair style with a YouTube tutorial.

Lagertha Cosplay Costumes

Do you want to cosplay as one of the most popular characters from the hit show Vikings? Then look no further as Lagertha is exactly what you are looking for. You can cosplay as the Lagertha from the beginning of the series who is a strong shield-maiden, or the later Lagertha who is earl and commands an army! If you have some friends that want to go to Comic-con with you as a group as Vikings, then you can all go as a band of Vikings and have them dress up as Ragnar Lothbrok the king, or as Floki right hand of the king. You can also arm yourself with the shield of Lagertha or a Viking sword to go with your cosplay. Feel free to look at the images shown here for cosplay ideas from other fans of Vikings, and send us a snap of how your Lagertha cosplay turned out!

Lagertha Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the fierce and captivating world of the Norse warriors with our costume guide FAQ for Lagertha, the legendary shieldmaiden from the hit TV series “Vikings.” Known for her bravery, leadership, and warrior skills, Lagertha’s outfit is a testament to her status as a formidable fighter and respected figure. This guide is designed to help you recreate Lagertha’s iconic look, perfect for fans who admire her strength, independence, and the rich historical context of her character.

Lagertha's costume reflects her role as a Viking shieldmaiden and warrior. Essential elements include a leather or faux leather corset or bodice, often detailed with Nordic designs or metal studs. She typically wears a tunic or dress underneath, paired with rugged trousers or leggings. Lagertha's look is completed with leather boots, arm bracers, and a belt with pouches or weapon holders. Her hair is often styled in intricate braids, reflecting traditional Norse hairstyles.

To replicate Lagertha's hairstyle, focus on creating braids that are both functional and decorative, often incorporating multiple braiding techniques. If your hair is not long enough, consider using extensions or a braided wig. For makeup, go for a natural, earthy look with emphasis on the eyes, using tones that mimic the natural environment of a Viking warrior.

Essential accessories for a Lagertha costume include leather arm bracers, which are both decorative and functional for a warrior. A leather belt equipped with pouches or holders for weapons, such as a sword or a small axe, adds to the authenticity of the costume. If you choose to include weapons, ensure they are clearly identifiable as props.

Yes, you can create a DIY version of Lagertha's leather corset or bodice. Use faux leather or a sturdy fabric as the base. Add Nordic or Viking-inspired designs using paint, studs, or embroidery. The corset or bodice should be fitted but allow for movement, reflecting the practical needs of a shieldmaiden.

Including quotes or traits from Lagertha can bring depth to your portrayal. Some memorable aspects include: "I have no interest in peace. Peace is a dirty word.," "I am not afraid to die." and "I am Lagertha, shieldmaiden. Wife of Ragnar. Do not underestimate me." Emphasizing Lagertha's courage, her prowess in battle, and her iconic status as a shieldmaiden will add authenticity to your portrayal at events or themed parties.

About Lagertha - Queen of Kattegat

Lagertha is one of the main characters of the History channel TV show called Vikings. She is married to Ragnar Lothbrok, and is Mother to Bjorn Lothbrok. She is a strong and independent person who values family above all, and will fight for her husband and children when needed. She was trained to be a shield-maiden from a young age, and is one of the fiercest fighters in the show. Many love her for how loyal she is and how she never betrays her values, but as with every great person, there are some who see her a threat and not fit to rule.


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