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Lady Liberty is a character who features in the big screen hit film The Purge: Election Year. The Purge franchise is based upon a social experiment whereby a new law is introduced allowing citizens to release all of their rage and commit crimes without punishment for one night of the year. Participation isn’t compulsory, but if you’re not joining in you’d better be ready to defend yourself!

In the Election Year installment, a person dressed as a ghoulish representation of Lady Liberty is participating in the Purge, getting rid of all her anger on that one deadly night of the year. If you want to transform into one of the brutal Purgers from Election night, you’ll need a Wire Mask, Lady Liberty Costume, every horror costume’s staple Fake Blood, and make sure you’re sufficiently armed with a Machete and a Black Rifle.

Lady Liberty Cosplay Costumes

Since the first movie in 2013, The Purge franchise has spawned four movies and a television series. The idea was hailed as a terrific original concept in cinema, and fans have been enjoying sequels ever since. A person dressed as Lady Liberty wanders the streets with a machete and rifle in the third film, The Purge: Election Night and causes havoc along with the thousands of other Purgers releasing their anger.

Throughout the film series we have seen a number of nasty characters participating in the most dangerous night of the year, and while we certainly don’t suggest you mimic their actions, it would be super fun to dress up in a group as your favorite Purgers like Skeletor, Big Daddy, Capital A or the original Freaks from the first film. We’d love to see some photos if you dress as the evil Lady Liberty, so make sure you enter your photos into our Halloween Costume Contest.

About Lady Liberty

According to the popular film franchise, The Purge is one night of the year where people can register as Purgers and commit any sort of crimes they want with no risk of prosecution. The idea was floated as a solution to crime, allowing people to release all of their rage and anger in one night of the year in the hopes they will be better behaved through the rest of the year. Of course, there is an inherent risk in participation as you will need to be out on the streets amongst several others with dangerous intentions.

While a presidential candidate and former Purge crime victim is trying to take shelter from this year’s Purge, there is also a maniac dressed as a bloodied version of Lady Liberty out walking the streets causing chaos wherever she goes. Rather than dishing out liberty and justice for all, this psycho is interested in nothing more than inflicting acts of violence on her city.

Lady Liberty

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