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Orange Snow Jacket
Dark Green Pants
Green Shirt
Green Trapper Hat
Black Boots

Best Kyle Broflovski Costume Guide

Kyle Broflovski, voiced by Matt Stone, is one of four main characters in the long-running animated series South Park. Belonging to the only Jewish family in South Park, Kyle often feels like an outsider despite having close friends such as Kenny McCormick, Eric Cartman, and Stan Marsh. His religion is often the theme of how his character feels, acts, and reacts to other people and situations. Apart from his religion, however, Kyle is also known to be “the smart one” among his group of friends. Of the group of four friends, Kyle and Stan get along the best and are considered to be best friends. Get the look of the insecure smart kid in this Kyle Broflovski costume guide.

To cosplay Kyle Broflovski’s look from South Park, you’ll need to dress up in a Green Shirt, an Orange Snow Jacket, a Green Trapper Hat, Dark Green Pants, and a pair of Black Boots. You’ll never feel like an outsider in this costume!

Kyle Broflovski Cosplay Costumes

Kyle is a smart kid with many talents. He plays in a lot of sports, namely hockey, football, soccer, dodgeball, and basketball. He can play the guitar and the bass well and has been known to belt out a serenade or two. He even has impressive computer skills that have been used against terrorist attacks on South ParkTo nail the Kyle Broflovski look, you can’t go wrong with his iconic green shirt, basic orange snow jacket, and a green trapper hat combo. Make sure to wear a pair of dark green pants and a pair of black boots to finish off the look.

Ensure your costume is an even bigger hit than the party itself! Kyle is best recognized with the rest of the South Park crew. Gather your best pals and have them dress up as Stan Marsh, Eric Cartman, and Kenny McCormick. Everyone’s sure to have a laugh seeing your group cosplay.

Kyle Broflovski Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the animated world of South Park with a Kyle Broflovski costume, one of the show’s main characters known for his strong moral center and distinctive green hat. Our costume guide FAQ is tailored to help you create a Kyle Broflovski outfit that captures his iconic cartoon appearance and embodies his character traits from the popular TV series.


Kyle's outfit is simple yet iconic. The main elements include a bright green ushanka-style hat with a fluffy pom-pom on top, a bright orange jacket, green mittens, blue pants, and black shoes. His hat, which covers his large, hidden red hair, is one of his most recognizable features.

Kyle's green hat can be created using a basic ushanka or trapper hat pattern with green fabric. Add a large, fluffy pom-pom on top to mimic his style. If sewing isn't an option, look for a similar green winter hat online or in stores and modify it as needed.

Kyle wears simple blue pants, which can be any basic blue trousers or jeans. For shoes, opt for plain black sneakers or casual shoes. The simplicity of these items helps to keep the focus on the more distinctive parts of his outfit, like the hat and jacket.

While Kyle's outfit doesn't require many accessories, carrying a prop sign with one of his catchphrases, such as "You bastards!" or "I learned something today," can add a fun and authentic touch. Additionally, wearing a fake red hair wig that peeks out just a bit from under the hat can hint at his hidden hair characteristic.

To truly embody Kyle from South Park, use some of his well-known phrases and adopt his often indignant or exasperated demeanor. Kyle is known for his moral speeches, so mimicking his impassioned and sensible tone will bring your cosplay to life.

About Kyle Broflovski

Kyle Broflovski’s character is known to be loosely patterned after South Park co-creator Matt Stone, who also happens to voice Kyle’s character. It has been speculated that Matt’s close friendship with co-creator Trey Parker is the basis of Kyle and Stan’s deep friendship on the show. The two are known to be very similar and are often portrayed as the “good guys” of the group. This was especially true in the earliest seasons of the show.

Kyle’s personality slowly changed beginning in the fifth season. This was noted when his temper became much shorter. Because of his strong Jewish beliefs, his temper is often poked at when people question what he believes in. His tendency to base his decisions on his beliefs as well as his strong emotions is often the cause of arguments with his other friends. Despite his short temper, however, Kyle is still easily seen as the most caring and understanding among the four friends.

Kyle Broflovski

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